13th february

This Blog is rather unusual hopefully this will be the only one I have to share with you of such unpleasant and quite frankly sickening reading.

This has probably been one of the hardest weeks for a very long time.
Knowing you are going to have a hectic week to get a day off is one thing but to try getting away for an overnight feels like the impossible.
I have been away to a wedding, my nieces wedding.
It was a really great weekend being able to relax and see all of my family.
Even though I had constant contact with the girls at the kennel.

Shaun Ellis has helped out by taking one of the hybrids and he is very happy to be on call if the girls need him and Isla to come over and help out in any way.

In the last week we have had two re home dogs originally bred by a bit of a fly by night breeder both dogs have come here due to bad advice given by the previous breeder.
Is this through ignorance or lack of compassion I wonder?
One has already been re homed with a Shoshone Saarloos cross and all is going well for her and her new family.
Some owners make the re homing of their dogs so much easier when they give us the information about the dog that we require.
This particular dog came in with all of paper work in order, her bed which gave her more security , and all of her chew toys .
And best of all three A4 sheets of paper with so much info on her I felt I knew the dog within five minutes.
That was a good smooth rehome with tremendous input from the previous owners; the reason for the rehome was for the safety of their other dog.
The bitch I rehomed was the same rank position as the bitch the owners have kept, unfortunately this was always a recipe for a rehome or worse.
Anyway all has ended well.

Our next re home sickens and saddens me I am not sure in which order.
The story in brief of a young wolf dog her name is Miakoda.
Tuesday we had her and the 8 month old pups picked up from their home in Teignmouth.
What should be a bouncing young ½ Inuit ½ csv at 2 years old is very much far from that.
More like a nervous wreck.
Miakoda has had a litter of 9 puppies at 10 or 11 months old two of these puppies have also come in to be rehomed with her, both females 8 months old looking for good kind loving homes.
A few months ago 4 wolf dog pups around 12/14 weeks were found dumped in a cage outside of Animals in distress in south Devon, I have my suspicions these were probably part of Miakoda’s litter.

Miakoda is in pup again with around a month to go before she whelps, so the previous owner would lead us to believe.
This could well turn into a tragic situation for her as she is in exceptionally poor condition.

Due to the fact that none of these three are vaccinated they are all staying with a friend of mine in a boarding kennel, unfortunately I can not take the risk in bringing any of them here until they have spent some time in isolation and been assessed properly.
Today,Wednesday Miakoda had to be taken to a vet, this was within 24 hours of her going into the boarding kennels were the dogs are being looked after.
The vet said he has seen thin poor dogs but never has he ever seen an emaciated young bitch in this condition with puppies.
He does not feel the outcome is looking good for any of them.
The vet feels she may whelp in a week, which gives us very little time to get any condition on her.
Due to the vets feeling it is urgent to get Miakoda moved in case she does go into labour sooner than we have been told.
I had to make another plan of action, so
I have made several changes and moved my own dogs around to get another isolation area here at Shoshone to bring Miakoda here on Thursday.

Mia as we now call her is settling in and has wagged her tail when I took her food in, it is so nice to see how trusting she was with me, any spare time I have has been spent sitting in her whelping box just giving her a cuddle.
I have had extra help this week to be able to spend more time with her.
Kate, Vicci and Kirsty have all helped out which has been so good as I am exhausted and very upset with all the stress of seeing one of my dogs being in such a poor state.

I will give an update on them weekly.



When Julie Kelham and myself exchange telephone conversation the reason is for the good and welfare of dogs, as we have never really seen eye to eye but this time we are in agreement 100%.
This is what has been going on in a boarding, breeding and rescue kennel owned by Penny Housego and her partner Alan.
One of the dogs in the centre I believe to be either from Shoshone Kennels or a descendant from my breeding.
I must say after Miakoda this was the final straw that really brought me to tears this week.
I have found this one of the most disturbing weeks emotionally with the rescue dogs.
My dogs are my life and I would never allow any of my dogs to get into the conditions I have seen these dogs in.
Any self-respecting breeder would do the decent thing and spay and neuter older dogs then find them a kind loving family home to live out the rest of their days and bring joy to a family.
To discard or dispose of them in a way that they will suffer is unthinkable

As most of you are aware, there have been 4 Inuit dogs taken into Many Tears Rescue.

The NIS has been in touch with the rescue and has been advised that the dogs were taken from Penny Housego at Blackhouse Farm Kennels, Sleaford.
Trust us when we say this but these are the lucky ones, 3 other dogs were found dead at the farm and the remainder are in a very poor state.
We have also been advised that Mrs Housego has drugs for Animal Euthanasia on site. We are extremely worried for the welfare of these poor dogs and have reported her to the RSPCA. The NIS has been ringing them on a daily basis but still nothing has been done. Many Tears Rescue are only taking away dogs that are no use to this woman, and not doing anything about the appalling state of the others. The more people that report her abuse to the RSPCA HEADQUARTERS the quicker they will act. Please find it in your heart and spare a moment to report this woman and save these helpless dogs. We fear for their safety and are worried that she will use the drugs to destroy unwanted dogs.

On a lighter note I went to the Wolf Park with Shaun and Isla and had a meeting with a couple of the boys and Cheyenne, she is a beautiful Timberwolf and very sociable, she is a great credit to Shaun.

Shaun had done the first assessment on Kiro’s csv litter, we have a definite little monkey who I think will be just like mum, a little Beta female, look out for that little darling.

This has been a very busy week for purchasers and new owners viewing labradoodle puppies.

Next week pray I will have a much lighter and more pleasant blog for you.

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