13th December

A really nasty wet start with fine drizzle, just great for getting you soaked.
I got everyone out cleaned and fed, the lab puppies had a really good play in their food bowl, they did well they eat ¾ of the food first.
None of the dogs really wanted to be out for long; Cito and Shone were up in the office with me.
Other than getting the dogs out whenever possible I was doing paper work and cleaning.
I did get chance to wrap all of the Christmas presents.
Lunch time feeding all done most had to eat in their kennels.
All the files are ready for the puppies going out in two weeks’ time.
Evening feeds and morning feeds all ready.
I did an ear clean on all of the little dogs and then brought everyone in for the night and fed them.
What a relief a nice dry start, everyone out, fed and cleaned.
Cito and Shone out in field two Coosa’s group out in their field with bones and the labs out in field three, a group on the drive.
While all the first groups were out I washed up all the bowls and washed Coosa’s kennel.
All the washing from the previous day all folded and put away.
We had a meeting with the building inspector and then I fed everyone their chicken and the puppies were fed.
The builders had taken out the old kitchen cupboards so I took all of the wood up to the fire and burnt it all as I didn’t want it left on the drive with Kiro and Reo out at night.
I got the frozen food out ready for the morning for Coosa’s group and then the last of the chicken out.
I am hoping to pick up 100 kilo of chicken from my old supplier tomorrow as our normal company only have turkey bones and I don’t feed it as mine dogs really don’t like it, also the bones would be too hard for the little dogs.
I had to make a few calls to get some prices for the builders for blocks and stuff for the extension.
The afternoon was wet so everyone went out for a short time and then came back in they all had bones and cows ears.
I spent some time with the dogs in the kennels and brushed a couple of them.
I brought the dogs in and then Coosa’s group.
The rain had dried up just after I brought Coosa’s group in so everyone went out again for a quick run in the field and then I let Kiro and Reo out for the night.

A nice dry start to the morning everyone had their food and a long run.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for the builders coming in.
Next was Shone and Cito out in the field, I fed Coosa’s group while I was up at the top kennel area.
I went out and picked up a 100 kilos of chicken and bones.
The builders called me down to the house they had just found what they thought may be another inglenook fire place in my dining room, so they carried on and excavated it.
I tidied up around the fire and took up loads of wood for burning.
My next job was a group of dogs out on the drive and then picking up leaves.
I cut up all the chicken ready for Kate as she now does the dogs most Tuesday afternoons.
I started feeding and then Kate arrived and she spent the afternoon helping me.
We wormed puppies and then brought up another 2 whelping boxes for the little dogs so they have more beds in their kennels.
I went to the dentist while Kate picked up another bag of leaves and let dogs out.
We gave everyone a good run and then let them all with bones and their evening feeds.
I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them, everything else had been done all the feeds for the bitches and pups were ready and the morning feeds were all ready.
Kate brought Cito, Shone and Lobo up and we finished off and had a drink.
Dry and cold Kiro and Reo in everyone out and fed and cleaned out.
Puppies all fed and clean.
I popped out to the builders merchants and picked up cement.
I had a list to get prices for materials.
I spent the whole day power washing in between letting dogs out and feeding.
Chicken cut up and feeds done.
I had a chat to Dave, Coco was rehomed last month but the owners were not very understanding and it turned out they were not suitable, I want to get her home as she is staying with a friend but she has kennel cough and I have no intentions of infecting all of my dogs so Dave is going to pick her up next week and take her home for a month until we are 100 % sure she is clear before bringing her home.
Evening feeds done and Coosa’a group in, morning feeds done.
I brought Cito and Shone up and then went over to my sisters for dinner.
A good start everyone out fed and clean.
Cito and Shone in the field, I popped out to pick up bones and 2 mins in the super market.
I got home and just managed to get the chicken cut up and feed everyone early before the rain started.
Puppies fed and cleaned again.
It managed to rain for most of the rest of the day.
I did some paper work and then had a chat with the builders and ordered some more stuff for the delivery tomorrow.
Shone and Cito stayed with me all day as it was horrible and I didn’t want to leave them outside.
I got the evening feeds ready and then soaked some bedding.
I placed all of the orders for Christmas deliveries for bedding, cow’s ears and food.
I got well and truly stung on the chicken carcasses this week so I managed to find another supplier today, even better the guy I spoke to on the phone had a really good sense of humour.
Evening feeds done ready and then everyone came in as it was dark by 4.35, I fed everyone and then the rain stopped so they all went out again for another run.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.
A wet start everyone out and fed and cleaned quickly.
Hannah arrived and then the builders arrived.
I got everyone out again for a run and then Kate came over we went pricing up slate floors and Esse cookers and multi fuel stoves for the new fire place that we have just found.
We stopped on the way home at the garden centre for lunch.
When we got back Kate stayed for a while and helped me get all of the dogs fed and then she went home and I sorted out the last group for feeding and swapped over the washing.
The dogs all went out for the afternoon and then I did the feeds and everyone came in.
I went down to see the builders as it is pay day and then the guy was arriving with the compressor as he wanted everything ready for the next morning when he starts the shot blasting.
We had a chat with him and showed him the new fire place we had found, this means he has to come back again as he can’t get it all done in a day.
After everyone had gone I let the bitches out for another run and then took Cito and Shone out on the drive for a play in the dark before Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
A dull but dry start, everyone out fed and clean.
I opened the gates and let the shoot blasting guy in and then let everyone out again.
I had a couple of dogs needed ear cleaning so I did that and then folded all of the towels from the bathing the day before.
I cut up the chicken early as the sky was very grey and I wasn’t sure when we were going to get rain.
I had a family come to view their Labrador puppy at lunch time.
After they had left I fed everyone and then took Cito and Shone down to the bottom yard.
I spent most of the day in the kennel tiding up so I could be near if dogs needed to come in quickly.
Evening feeds done and morning feeds ready.
I picked up in the drive ready for the shot blasting guy to leave.
Shone and Cito came up to the kennel and had their dinner.
I left Coosa’s group in the paddock ready to bring in after the chap had left.
The pups were fed and then Coosa’s group came in and everyone had a last run before bed in the field.

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