12th October

Solider and Narla have now mated several time s so hybrid puppies will be due end of November beginning of December.

Sunday morning was a rush and I did not feel too lively as I had been up three times in the night first was my tooth ache and then Rupert’s ear was playing up and then the dogs started howling.
When my alarm went off I did not want to get up.
First job was house hybrids out and then house puppies out, I fed everyone and then went down to the kennels and Wendy and Brian arrived, Wendy helped me clean everyone out and then took everything up to the fire.
My last Labrador puppy went off with a pet courier to London to a great family.
Brian and Dave took all the rest of the stuff up to burn and then put the cage back in my van ready to go and pick up another bitch as a friend for Shone as Narla is in season, she is being a bully.
We got back from picking up the new girl who is called Moles and I let all the dogs back out, Brian had put the cavity closures on the new kennel and was doing the joints in the bottom block.
Dave did a few odd jobs before leaving including setting up my stereo in the house for me.
Brian had to do a quick reinforcing of wire as Soldier had eaten a big hole in his pen.
Wendy was letting dogs in and out while I sorted out the lunch time feeds.
I had a family come and view puppies late afternoon they were only here a short time as the pups are very young.
I did the evening feeds and then Brian and Wendy left.
I had a few phone calls to make and then got out the morning feeds and split bitches up that are due to have puppies.
Hybrids in and off in I went for dinner.
I had Shone, Moles and the 5 house puppies in and then the puppies went to bed so Cito came in and in the house, she is ok with Moles but I would not be too sure about outside when I could not keep a watch on her.
Monday morning I woke up to hear the rain, house dogs all out and fed puppies came back in for their food as it really was pouring down.
Moles and Shone stayed in the house, Cito went out with Narla.
I fed the puppies in the kennel and then did each of the adult groups individually as it was too wet to leave them out for long.
After everyone was finished I spent an hour on paper work and then off to Mole valley for some food for the puppies.
I got home and the rain was easing up a bit so everyone went out for a good run, I cleaned the bottom block and put the puppies out and cleaned their pen ready for the evening.
I got the vaccine cards up to date and then cleaned ears on a couple of the labradoodles.
I shredded a couple of large bags of paper for puppy bedding and had Moles and Shone in the drive so I could watch them.
Shone and Narla being in season is good in one way as it gets it out the way, but it has made logistics of who goes with who very difficult, Cito is with Siren and Narla is with Soldier, Moles and Shone are together I used to be able to keep all five of them in one large pen and then bring the three girls in at night now Narla I having to stay out and the other three are coming in, roll on next month and hopefully get some normality back.
I was having a chat with Wolf and then that got cut short as Coosa’s group started everyone off howling, it was just getting dark so they were due to come in anyway.
Tuesday morning was a wet start, Shone and Moles got caught out in a hail storm which they were not keen on, everyone went out for a short time and then it dried up for a bit so I did the fire and then the meat deliveries arrived so all unpacked and sorted.
All the hybrids were back in dry yards and Moles and Shone in the house.
I had just let the yorkies out again and then the thunder started and the heavens opened up again.
I found odd jobs to do around the kennels while dogs were out as I wouldn’t get to the kennel quick enough to get them in if it rained.
While it was too wet for anyone to go out I changed the beds and sorted out the dog’s bedroom and cleaned the puppy’s room in the house.
Lunchtime feeds all done; I spent an hour cleaning ears and then had time to play with my two Labrador girls that I kept from Jez’s litter and my labradoodle girl Jazmin.
I finally finished unpacking and taking labels off the puppy toys I bought last week, they are all bagged and ready for the next puppies.
I wrote a list for Hannah for dogs to be groomed for Wednesday, she is getting though them quite quickly now as she has a young lady helping her for a while to get a little idea on grooming before she takes it up as a full time job.
I ordered a large quantity of fish bones for the dogs as the weather is getting a little unpredictable and they are going to be in more now the autumn is here.
Kirsty popped in to pick up bones as I had a delivery and could not get them all in the freezer; she stopped for a while and had a coffee.
After kirsty left I fed the bottom hybrid group and then Coosa’s group.
I swept up all the leaves everywhere and then put the house puppies out in the yard with Moles and Shone so I could power wash their yard and then through to Kiro’s yard, that took about two hours.
I did the evening feeds and got the morning feeds ready, it was now starting to get dark so everyone came in and then I spent some time tiding up in the house and got the house puppies room ready for them for bed time.
My evening was constant phone calls for puppy enquires up until 9 pm and then we had some quiet time with the house dogs, Cito came in for the night.
Wednesday morning it was raining again so all the dogs went out in-between heavy showers.
I had a couple of deliveries and then locked the gates after Hannah and Tracey arrived.
I went up and put Cito, Soldier , Siren and Narla out in field two and took Shone and Moles out in field one, Coosa’s group were in their outside pens.
I brushed Moles and Shone and then Cito, after I had finished with that I pulled out a load of stinging nettles and cut some of the brambles down that were coming though the fence in field one.
I checked all the fencing to make sure no one has dug down to the wire.
I brought them all in and then put Coosa’s group out.
Lunchtime feeds done and then I did emails and phone calls, next was to spend some time sorting out boxes of stuff still packed in the house from mothers.
I had several phone calls to make chasing up things that should have been sorted out already.
Coosa has been particularly vocal so they have spent more time in the top kennel area than in the field for the last few days, not helped by Solider wanting to get to shone.
I did some lead work with Shiraz she was quite good a little excitable but nothing too bad, she is such a little madam in everything she does.
I had tons of dog beds and towels to wash and dry so the drier was on from morning until bed time and still didn’t get it all finished.
I swept up yet more leaves and then cleaned the bottom block and the yard.
All the dogs had their chicken carcasses and then I defrosted one of the freezers, my next job was to clean Kiro’s kennel out which is easy it only has to be done every other day they are usually clean which is nice.
I had some time to scan some old family pictures which will eventually get on to face book.
As the weather was horrible I washed the puppy yard and left them in for an hour, all the evening feeds ready as I wanted to get finished and in for dinner by 7 for a change.
Everyone in and fed house dogs in for the night except Narla who is still sleeping out with the boys until Shone has finished her season and then I will try and introduce her to moles.
Thursday morning was a slightly wet and windy start everyone was out and done before the big down pours, all the kennels cleaned and fire done.
Visitors arrived at 10.30 to see puppies so I put the dogs in to stop the noise and not having to run out and get them in if it rained.
After the people had gone I quickly went into town to the bank and the veg shop.
When I got home I did the lunch time feeds and then let everyone out again, Kate rang up to ask if I needed anymore safety cotton buds, she said she felt just like Hannah had said people thought she was mad loading trays of cotton buds into her trolley, I had just picked up 8 trays on my last shopping trip.
I gathered up the rest of the metal from the fire in the hopes that the scrap man would come and pick it all up soon.
I cleaned the bottom yard and then got the puppy room ready for the evening; I gave Millie a brush as she was looking scruffy.
I washed the floors in the house while the puppies were out and then had lunch with Shone and Moles.
I had to go out and spend time pulling up nettles in Coosa’s field as he is not getting as long out as normal, each time they start howling they are brought back into their kennel area and shut in the concrete pens.
Evening feeds ready paddock and drive all cleaned ready for another family to come and view puppies.
Everyone fed except the pups that were being viewed, after the family had left I brought the hybrids in which is getting increasingly more difficult as the days go on, I have been racking my brains to find out why Coosa does not want to come in at night, as I had to carry him all the way in from the top pen I needed to find out what the problem has been this week.
After I had put them in and locked up I waited in the drive for a few minutes to see what was going on, the problem is Budd is mating Cola and Ollie can here from his kennel so he is barking and screaming, Coosa hates any dog being stressed this makes him agitated.
I let Kiro and Reo out for the evening and brought Cito in, I had dinner and spent the evening cooking crumbles for the freezer.
Friday morning all the dogs were out and finished cleaning by 8.45, I cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates ready for the meat delivery.
I put the two hybrid groups out in the field and left coosa’s group in the top kennel area with their food.
The meat delivery arrived so I unpacked it and sorted out the feeds for lunchtime.
I cleaned the bottom block and just as I was finishing a couple arrived from Cornwall to view new puppies.
After they had left my fencing delivery arrived with my shavings, when he left I locked the gates and let the dogs back out in the drive for a while.
The hybrid groups came in and Coosa went out, that did not last long he was howling again so he came back in.
I put Shone out with Aimi and River and Narla’s group went out, I moved Coosa, Matzi and Taska down to the bottom yard and bottom block to see if this would help with the howling, I think by having Coosa next to the house right by the kitchen seeing me around more he may be happier.
Well a quiet afternoon as Coosa was happy watching through the kitchen door and sitting up on the steps watching me hose the puppy yard so now I know what to do when I need some quiet time.
Next I washed two of coosa’s pen areas and then late afternoon was very wet the showers were really heavy, I did the evening feeds spent some time making phone calls and then fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in at 6.45 it was getting quite dark by then.
Everything outside done so time to go and feed the house puppies.
Saturday morning was a great start as I was expecting rain, all the dogs were out and cleaned back in for food by 8.30, the two bottom hybrid groups were out from 8.30 until 10.30 and then I let coosa’s group out, he started howling immediately so I went up in the fire area and completely banked and tidied up the muck heap so I was around and he could see me for an hour, it didn’t stop him from howling but he kept it very low and quiet and because I was up there none of the other hybrids joined in.
After I had left the top field area it was less than 3 minutes before he had everyone howling so I brought just Coosa in and left him in the top kennel area on his own but the others could get right up to the front of his pen if they wanted to.
I went back down and fed the house puppies and did some more washing.
Next was lunchtime feeds for everyone and write up the blog so far.
I cleaned the new yard outside the kennel and then down to spot clean the bottom block.
An hour of paper work before people arrived to pick up their puppy.
Frozen feeds out for the next day as they are taking longer to defrost now.
Thankfully everyone was fed before the rain was horrendous I decided it was best to find jobs to do in the kennel as I did not fancy getting drowned.
Puppy has gone off to his new home with a delighted family.
Kirsty phoned up at 2.30 and said did I fancy going to the beach with Shone, Moles and Lupus so I finished off my dogs and off we went to Woolacombe beach for a while.
The dogs were really good but today did show that Moles and Shone may not work well together long term as Moles is a bit too pushy and starting to get dominant, Shone does not understand this as she is amazing with all dogs including the yorkies.

On the way home we put Shone in the cage, Moles in the back and Lupus was on Kirsty’s lap as it seemed like the safest option just in case there was an altercation while we were travelling.
When I got home River and Aimi were outside my kitchen door certainly not where I had left them, Coosa had taking the breeze block out of the wall and left enough of a gap for them to get through, unfortunately they had 5 litres of disinfectant all over the floor, toilet cleaner had been passed back through the hole and Coosa had rolled in it and was green, so he had a really good wash before going to bed, they had also ripped out the pipe coming out of the wall for the waste from the kitchen sink and washing machine, the drain cover was off and their feet were black.
I let everyone else out and fed everyone and then locked up by 7.30.

Wolfdog for Rehoming

Kaba is a beautiful loving dog, I couldn’t have wished for a better dog but unfortunately redundancy calls for some major cutbacks. Kaba is the perfect dog and everyone who meets him loves him.
Kaba is a one man dog, but can live happily with a family. If he lives with a family though he will attach himself to one person. He particularly feels more comfortable with females so men may get ignored a little.
Kaba is not a toy loving dog, I’ve tried everything to entertain him but he gets bored quite easily. He loves his bed, I have one upstairs and downstairs in the living room.
Kaba is food motivated so loves being trained. During treat times I give him cooked meat or fish and the occasional cheese cube.
Kaba is very good with cats, in fact, he’s more scared of them. When walking, he will ignore cats. He’s not too good with little children, but grown children are better.
He’s not a big barker, but will let you know when the postman is at the door.
Kaba responds well to praise and loves lots of cuddles. He often comes for cuddles and a rub on his neck and pants area
Overall he is a placid, submissive, loving dog. He is not an alpha dog, he will expect the owner to take the lead and he is very obedient. I click my fingers with a verbal command and he knows what to do.
Considering Kaba is a wolfdog, he is rather slow. He loves walking and going to the beach, but is often out of puff within an hour or less. I have no set routine for walking him, but it’s mostly late evening.
Kaba will chase other dogs sometimes, but once he’s had a sniff he comes straight back. He is good on the lead, but is even better with a dogmatic. When he knows he’s heading home, he will pull a little because he’s excited to get home.
I feed Kaba Wainwrights white-fish grain-free kibble from Pets at Home and he has about 330 grams per day. Kaba doesn’t respond well with grains, but he is okay with rice. I feed him around 6 pm and he loves any leftover dinner from our plates, which is put in his bowl.
Things I’ll pass on to the owner
Kaba has a Roadster water bowl and 2 massive beds, leads, collars, muzzle (never used) and some other bits.
Kabas birthday is 21/01/09
Please contact Sharon May on 01803 524344 Paignton, Devon

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