12th May

Coosa and Rainn pups due now


Rainn is so fat she can hardly fit through the hatch to get out into the field


Sunday was Sam and I we also had the builders here and Wendy and Brian so we were in for a full on day.
I had finished the house dogs when Sam arrived, so we did the bitches and pups next, Razzle’s group went straight out in the field for an hour while all the bottom groups were being done.
The first two lots of washing was on.
We did the top groups and got Coosa out early as we needed to take off all of the old black boards in his pen and replace them with the new white board as it is easier to wash down and dry.
We had to fill all of the gaps at the bottom were the board joined the floor tiles, Brian has taken the bench out temporarily as Rainn is so fat she is struggling to get off the bench without sliding down the pen.
This was a long job as all the corners had to have special strips put on them so the dogs can’t get hold of the boards and also water cannot get behind the boards.
We also replaced the black board on the back wall in Matzi’s night kennel; the board on the front of Idaho has been taken off for the summer.
The two windows in the top kennels have had the boards removed for more air flow for a few months.
Helen and her family came over with her family to sort out paper work for Bracken my lab male they have just bought from me.
We had two more of our puppies go to their new homes, they will be coming back for a few training sessions with a couple more of our pups on a Sunday evening for six weeks.
Kirsty popped in and picked up Moon for a short training session as it was too hot to do much with him.
Wendy did the traditional bacon sandwiches’ then back out to put the old black boards out in the field so when dogs go past other dogs on their way out it keeps the noise down.
I got all of the feed bins sorted out for the next few days and tidied up the garage.
The afternoon just flew by, most of the dogs were just sleeping out in the sun.
Kate came over late afternoon to bring Lobo for a play with the girls, Kirsty came over to have a chat with Jason as he had come down for a few hours to let Luna play with our dogs unfortunately Luna was not up to playing she was not feeling very well so she just chilled out in the kitchen while all mine were out.
Kate and I ran round like mad trying to get finished as all the dogs stayed out later it was after 8 pm when the last ones went into their kennels.
Jason went up to pick up a Chinese while we finished off the house dogs and pups.
It was nearly 10 pm when Jason went so Kate washed up and I did the morning feeds.
Kate left and I went on the computer for a short while before bed.
Monday morning was much better it was kirsty and I and we only had one family visiting so we did not have to rush as much as normal.
I did the house dogs and Kirsty put Razzles group out, we did the bitches and pups, we got the first two lots of washing on and then went up to the top kennels.
We did them and then back down to hang out washing, do the house dogs and then the bottom yards and pen 4.
After Shone and Narla had been out in the field we moved Ranger and Chief into the bottom yard so they could play with them for the day in the sun.
Kiro can stay out all day now she has not got to alternate with the pups.
Nathan and Mat came over to do some more of the electrics and fit all the boards for the under floor heating before the plasterers come back next weekend.
I did the blog while Kirsty did the odd job and swapped dogs round.
We took pictures of the pups and did all the puppies worming.
After the lunchtime feeds Kirsty left and I did the afternoon exercising, brushed Taska and then scrubbed Coosa’ day pen as it was really dirty.
I finished the bitches and pups, got the feeds ready for the next morning, and then washed Razzles yard.
The hybrids were moved down to their night kennel.
I put down Coosa and Matzi beds and brought them in.
The house dogs went out while I did paperwork and a list of things to do for the next day.
I sorted out which dogs were on the list for Hannah for bathing and grooming.
Tuesday morning was a really early start as Kirsty was arriving at 7.30 to pick up Moon, I had finished the house dogs and Moon and Bobby had been out for a run.
After Moon had left Sam and I did the bitches and pups while Razzles group was out in the field.
We had two loads of washing already on the go and one load out on the line.
We did the top kennels and just cleaned out Coosa’s and Mstzi’s kennel and left them to dry.
We came down to do the house dogs and change then rest of the vet beds.
I sorted out the meat delivery while Sam cleaned pen four and cleaned the yard.
We burnt the rubbish and I came down to give Hannah a hand with the grooming and clipping as we had a number of dogs to get though.
In between grooming I was on the phone and the internet looking into different things that needed to be sorted for the new kennel.
I ordered my electric grooming table today as I have been waiting ages to find the right one.
Still not found the right size stainless bath yet.
I placed another order for grooming stuff so everything can be on the wall or in holders.
I think I have nearly decided on the colour of the shower boards.
Not part of my plan but I had to hold to dogs for a mating as the bitch would not stay still.
We had a few calls from Kirsty during the day to report on how Moon was getting on.
One of the phone calls gave me concern as she thought he had hurt his foot or his leg.
He was rested for quite a while in the course of the day.
I did the lunchtime feeds ready for Sam to feed everyone and we got the chicken cut ready for the little dogs.
Sam carried on doing the odd jobs outside and putting the dogs out in the field.
After Sam had left I helped Hannah mostly with ears and drying dogs.
I only had three groups going out and Bobby as Coosa’s group are out all day; even though they have spent quite a lot of time coming in through the hatch and sleeping in the inside run, I think as Rainn is looking like a tank she gets tired and sleeps a lot at the moment, the heat has made her more tired than usual, as she is in coosa likes to stay with her.
At 5.30 I did the pups feeds and started to wash down the yards and wash all the water buckets and left them ready to be filled in the morning.
The pups went down to their kennel and the house dogs went out in the field while I finished off outside for a while.
I had dinner and tidied up in the house.
I finished off locking up pups and the bottom groups when Kirsty arrived back at 9.30 with Moon.
I had a good look at him and gave him some Rimadyl as he has pulled his shoulder, he was looking very tired, I fed him and put him in his bed for the night, I am seriously hoping that he will be ok in the morning as he has another day filming tomorrow and an even earlier start as they are hoping to get finished before the rain comes in.
After I had finished off with Moon I hosed the yard quickly before coming in to write up the blog so far.
I did the house dogs feed for the morning and then off to bed.
Wednesday morning Kirsty came in to pick up Moon, I had finished the house dogs and got the feeds all ready for the bitches and pups and the bottom groups.
Sam arrived at 7.30 so we went straight on with cleaning Razzles lot and the bitches while they were out.
We got the first lot of washing in and then moved Chief and Ranger to the bottom block for the day.
Next was the top kennels and Idaho after they were finished Bobby went out on her own as Moon was out.
We cleaned pen 4 then the yards, Sam left at 10 as she had an appointment.
I did the drains and let the next groups of dogs out, I spent the day outside as Coosa and Rainn needed to be brushed and I had to be finished early for training with Shone.
Lunchtime feeds for the little people and the pups.
I had a massive meat delivery that took three quarters of an hour to sort out, so I got all the meat in bins ready for the next day and left it in the freezer.
I filled up all the blue roll, paper, trigene etc.
Kirsty phoned to say how the filming was going and I had an email from the producer to say how impressed they were with the Moon and they couldn’t believe how well trained he was, everything that was asked of him was just perfect.
They were very impressed how he was around people and how well he behaved with loose dogs belonging to members of the public, who obviously had no control over their dogs.
As I was fairly well in front with everything it gave me a bit of time to do some tiding up in the house.
I sorted out the worming sheets for the next lot of pups.
The rain started at about 2 pm and it was on and off all day.
After I had washed the floors in the house and made a couple of calls to order more equipment for the new kennels I started cleaning yards ready for the next day.
Everyone was in at 5 pm so off I went with C and Shone to training, we had a good night and Shone was very good, I still did her recall on the lead or she will just stay where I have left her.
I got home and let everyone out did a quick pick up in the kennels, got the meat out ready for the next morning.
Kirsty arrived back with Moon they were both very tired after a 14 hour day on Tuesday followed by a 13 hour day today, Moon’s shoulder was much better he had his food and went to bed.
I had a quick chat to Kirsty and Lisa as she had gone to help Kirsty and then did my dry feeds for the morning; I had an hour with the house dogs before going to bed.
Thursday morning was a 5.30 start for me so I did the bitches and pups feeds and the house dogs, the bottom yard was trigened and all the feeds ready for the next group when they come in from the field.
Kirsty arrived and we put Razzle’s group out and changed vet beds and got their pens done, I wormed a litter of pups.
We took all the burning stuff up to the top and the feed bins.
We did the top block and Idaho, then in to the house dogs and did all their pens while they were out in the field.
Kirsty did pen 4 while I was on the computer and swapped the house dogs in the field.
Lunchtime feeds for the pups and bitches was done, I was about to feed the rest of the little dogs down the bottom and the rain started, it ended up being three hours later before I could feed them as the rain was constant.
All the dogs came into their kennels at 2.30 as no one really wanted to be out.
I brushed a couple of them while they were inside as it was going to be a long and boring night for them if they only got out for a short run before bed.
I went on the computer for a while and ordered some more bits for the new kennel and finally found the stainless steel dog bath that I needed and ordered that one.
I cleaned the yards down not that it looked like it as they were covered within minutes with leaves and cherry blossom, but at least they were clean.
The house dogs all went out in pen 1 as it was still too wet; I locked everyone up and quickly went to Sainsbury’s.
I got home and let everyone out again and did very little for the evening.
Friday morning was Sam and I, Sam did the front whelping area while I finished off the house dogs.
Razzle’s group went out and we did their pens and the other pups, Ranger and Chief went up to pen 1 for their feed.
We cleaned the bottom yard and got more washing on.
We did Kiro and then up to the top kennel, after they were all finished Sam put the washing out and we did the house dogs while they were out in the field.
We got all the rubbish burnt as it looked like it could rain again.
Sam did pen 4 while I sorted out the meat order and we took the meat up and fed everyone.
Sam did the odd jobs and put the next group of dogs out while I made a couple of phone calls.
After Sam left I fed the bottom groups so if it did rain then that would be a job out of the way.
I spent some time in the yard trying to get a picture of Ranger and Chief the two hybrid boys for sale.


Ranger V Shone

The rain started so the dogs were in a lot of the afternoon, I spent time with each group in their kennels just playing with them and being around the kennel.
I let them all out again for a quick run and cleaned up the yards and hosed everywhere.
Kirsty and Malcolm arrived to spent some time with Moon and Bobby, they would have taken them for a walk but we are still keeping Moon on very light exercise to make sure his shoulder gets a chance to heal properly.
We had a quick coffee and then I went out to finish off.
I came in with a banging headache had dinner and fell asleep with the house dogs.
Saturday morning was dry to start with Kirsty and I did the dogs as she swapped days with Sam.
Wendy and Brian were here doing various jobs and the plasterers were here.
We did the house dogs then the whelping area and then Razzles group went out in the field while we did the bitches in the next section.
We had loads of rubbish to burn so that all went up the top with the feeds.
We did the top pens and got everything out of pen 1 the lab group so Brian could reseal all of the bottom boards so no dirt could get underneath, then we cleared out Coosa’s pen and did the same, and low and behold their came the rain and it was tipping it down.
We had to move Rainn straight into a kennel as she was black and wet from digging, she is not due for a few days but it was not worth the risk of leaving her out or putting her back in a pen with Coosa and Tory, we took the front boards off of her pen and now she can see Coosa so she is much happier.
Brian fixed the gate in the track so it opens nicely now as it had dropped, he also put a full board on Coosa gate in the field so A’lupa does not bark at tory when she goes out.
I had people viewing pups so Kirsty carried on outside and Wendy changed vet beds for me.
When they had left we moved Puzzle and her pups outside to a whelping area, this gives me a backup pen ready in the house for Rainn.
We have had to move two cockapoo pups out into the wolf dog whelping area for now.
Reo and A’Lupa have moved down to the bottom block so Rainn could have their pen.
Brian has put up my new grooming table in the lounge for now until the grooming room is ready in the new build.
We have taken apart the leather sofa in the house and replaced it with a dog bed and an armchair to give the dogs a bit more room at night.
While all this was going on I was putting out dogs and drying pens.
At 5.30 after feeding I started to wash the yards and let the last groups of dogs out before the house dogs could have the gates open and get out to the fields.
I finished off the pups and then did the frozen feeds for the next day.
I came in at 8 pm just in time to have dinner and watch the voice.

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