12th June

This has been the most awful week weather wise; we have gone from hailstones thunderstorms to a minute amount of sun.
We have also had a few power cuts.
The dogs don’t know if they are in the field in the outside pens or back in a kennel soaked to the skin.
Cedar, Boots, Cito, Titan and El Cid are all doing well in their new homes everyone has settled in well
Meli has her new home already arranged after she has had her last litter of puppies.

Cito has two puppies still available, 1 male 1 female.
Boots has 2 males and two females available.

4 miniature labradoodle pups left.

New litter due of Labrador puppies from Breeze and Bracken both parents are yellow labs hip scored and eye tested.

Another weekend for a day off thankfully, but a hard week to keep in front of everything and make all the arrangements for the dogs while I am away.

Saturday has been exceptionally hard work, on top of a normal day Wendy and Brian came down to help out for the day to get another area for Coosa and his group.
As Coosa does not particularly like to be out in the rain we have had to make him a hatch into the kennel so he can have a dry bed area and another hatch from his concrete day pen into the field.
By doing this it makes it easier for Kate not to have to move him from pen to pen, now he can go in or out whenever he wants to.
He is a real mummy’s boy and may choose to ignore Kate and just stay out.

In a few weeks time Coosa will only be in a pack of three this being Zamu and a hybrid female that is being imported, all being well T’kayat should be here fairly soon.
New fencing is also to be erected for a totally safe area for her as she is very reserved and will take time to settle in here with so much going on.

Kate stayed over night to keep with the dogs so I could stay in a hotel with my son Nathan the night before he is racing, it was defiantly better than leaving home at 5 am, not to mention a night away was great.

For such a strong minded dominant person I am struggling to keep control of Wolf pressing buttons and ordering food. Toys. chews and just about anything else dog related.
My housedogs are spoilt rotton, talk about pampered pooches.

Echo has made a full recovery and very rapidly, she looks good and her eating habits are improving.

Most of the Cito pups have gone this weekend.
Maska has gone to James along with his mum to join El Cid and the pack.
It is great that Cito is with a friend but sad to see her go after 6 six years, on the other hand it is quieter without her, kiro is much quieter I think she is probably a little lost without her mum around.

Vika has gone to Rachel Bailey, hopefully when she is older she will be part of Rach’s teams competing here and aboard racing.
She will also be used for obedience. agility and as a guard dog; being a very strong beta female I think she will do exceptionally well.
Siege has been delivered to Ireland by Rachel to his new home.
Helen has picked up her little boy this only leaves a male that I have a deposit on but I am not sure when the new owner comes to meet him if the partnership will be right.

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