12th June

The afternoon was difficult trying to get through the day with a migraine and my hand was throbbing after a mishap when feeding the hybrids, it was a total accident, Coosa was mortified he had hurt me; he was only trying to protect his food from River.
I got everyone out and fed and then let Kiro and Reo out in the drive.
Shone’s group were in with me but I had to leave the doors open to the yard as I knew I could have difficulties getting up with my head banging.
I woke up at 3 am the dogs had all come into bed and gone to sleep so I closed the door and went back to bed.
I woke up at 7 am still with a bit of a headache and very stiff shoulder but not as bad as yesterday, I could use my hand a little so even though it was going to be a slow morning it wasn’t too bad.
Everyone finally out fed and clean, I changed a couple of vet beds and then did Coosa’s group and cleaned it and then swept it which was more difficult.
We had a little bit of rain so I left some dogs out and did a bit on the computer with my left hand.
I washed the front pen while the dogs were in and then the sun came out so everyone out and I cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds.
All the dogs were fed and then I let Shone’s group out from the undercover pen into the yard.
The afternoon was really nice and bright quite warm but I was not able to go out much with my headache still looming so I got paper work ready for pups leaving in July.
After a while of being stuck in the office I soon got bored so I went out to spend time with the dogs and take some pictures of Voodoo as he is growing up so fast.
I got everyone fed and then spent time with Coosa’s group and Siren and Narla.
Everyone came in just before 10 pm Shone and Voodoo were over excited so I left them to run off some steam in the yard after their hour out in the field.
Everyone finished in the kennel just before 8 am and then Coosa’s group and Narla out in the field while I washed Coosa’s pen.
I gave Shone’s group bones and then got some more washing in as the weather was nice I wanted to dry as much outside as possible.
I had a quick chat with the builders and then swapped over dogs.
Kate arrived so Lobo could spend some time with Shone’s group to see how he gets on with Voodoo, we decided it wasn’t going to work as Lobo and Shone go crazy together and we thought Voodoo may get hurt.
I cut up the chicken for the lunch time feeds and then left dogs out while Kate and I went out for breakfast.
We got home and Kate left and I fed everyone.
I had a phone call from the company making my indoor kennels for the house, I was totally fuming after our conversation, I ordered the kennelling in February for delivery in May and there are so many complications with the kennel system and the delivery won’t be until mid-July, so it’s back to the drawing board again as they are supposed to be being fitted next week.
I swapped over dogs and then back to my internet searching for ideas for the indoor kennel.
I had several calls to make and things to sort out with the house and dogs today all of which were not planned in my day.
Frustration and boredom got the better of me and I went out for some retail therapy to play with the little dogs.
Next was to pick up in the drive and open the gates for the builders leaving and then dogs back out.
I spent ages sorting out sanctuary space for a wolf dog coming in finally got that sorted by 10 o clock.
Evening feeds done and dogs swapped around.
The puppies all fed and the last dogs came in at 9.30.
A really busy morning with the dogs and sorting out things for the builders.
All the outside pens cleaned and then a trip to get bones and paint.
I got home just before the meat delivery arrived and then a customer to view their puppy.
Lunch time feeds done and then another hour one the phone.
A few of the bitches needed ears cleaning again.
I sorted out everything in the back of my van and the builders took my big crate out for me.
The afternoon was quite hot so some groups stayed out and I went off to get some shopping and then see Nath and Laura.
After dinner I came home and let all the dogs out again, and made the late feeds and morning feeds.
Everyone in fed and locked up at just after 12.30.
All the dogs done and then checked my messages the sanctuary place is secure for the wolf dog, this is good news for him bless him.
Home and swapped around dogs and sorted out calls to make sure everything is in place for picking up my new van this week., insurance changed over and gap insurance done.
Kate is taking me down to pick the van up and my old van is going off to be converted into a camper.
I had a chat with the builders about a few bits and then cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds and fed everyone.
The afternoon was hot so the dogs were only out for a short time.
I spent time with the dogs and weeding while I had a group out with me.
Evening feeding done and then the dogs all went back out for an hour once it had cooled down.
Very early start everyone done and finished I went off to meet kate at just after 8 am.
We dropped off my van and then down to Exeter to pick up my new van.
I got home and let the rest of the dogs out and fed the puppies.
Dru and Moire arrived with their dogs, they had just been to pick up a puppy from my friend Sue that was sired by my boy Chili, they had all of their dogs with them including the little Czech puppy they had bought form Rach and myself very recently, what a fantastic little dog so well balanced.
Dru has also ordered another one of Chili’s pups
I fed everyone and then they were all out until early evening.
After the evening feeding I went out to see both of my sisters.
I got home and let all the dogs back out and brought the groups in that had been left out, I finished just after 1 .30 am.
A bit of a damp start but nothing too bad, everyone done and then Hannah arrived to groom the dogs.
I popped into town to the bank and to pick up a couple of bits.
I got home and got the chicken cut up early.
Moved the dogs around and did some more washing.
I have booked the date for the scaffolding so the outside lime pointing and rendering can be done at the beginning of July.
I gave Hannah a hand with Rupert and then had office work to get on with.
The dogs stayed out until we had so much rain at about 6 .30 I got everyone in except Shone’s group stayed down the bottom block as it was dry.
I wrote the blog and made some phone calls and then fed Shone’s group and brought them up to the kennel.
I got up again feeling awful with a pain in my neck and head, Kate rang me she is also feeling terrible we are both trying to get into the osteopath next week.
A damp start but all the little dogs got out without getting wet.
I finished the kennel dogs as Wendy and Brian arrived and we had a coffee and then they fitted a gate to divide the big Labrador pen so Narla and Siren can also be out in the day time when it’s too hot to be in the field.
I did the top kennels and then we put my cage into the new van, it didn’t work like it had done in my last van so we have had to turn it sideways and then have it at the back of the van not the side, not what I had hoped but I may buy another cage later for the van and keep the other one for the house.
Elsa my yorkiepoo girl went to her new home today Oli is very sad but he did eat his dinner eventually.
I know how he feels I don’t like my older girls leaving but unfortunately they have to have new homes when they have either had a c section or get to between 5 and 7 years old.
Wendy and Brian left and I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The afternoon was nice up until 3.30 when we had some very heavy showers.
I put all of the groups in when it rained and then everyone back out when it was dry.
I fed Shone’s group early as I didn’t want a late finish with still not feeling too good.
I wrote the blog and then got the evening feeds ready.
Everyone fed and then last run out for the night.
Shone’s group came up to the kennel and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.

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