12th July

Sunday morning
Was a dry start but the sky looked like it was going to open at any time.
I did the house dogs and the labs, Kiro went in and then I did the house puppies and got the feeds ready.
I did all of the kennel dogs and put Coosa’s group out in the field.
I had just picked up in the drive and was washing the bowls when the sky opened and the electric went off so I jumped in the van and off to cash and carry for a stock up on dog toys and stuff for sale in the office for new puppy owners.
I got home and did the lunch time feeds and some dogs were fed in their kennels as the rain was still pretty bad.
I priced up all of the toys and stuff in between feeding.
I hoovered the office area and kitchen and then got all of the dogs out as it had dried up nicely.
I fed the house dogs and let Cito and Shone back out.
I spent a short time with Coosa’s group as I haven’t had much time with them the last couple of days.
6 pm I decided to stop to cook my dinner as I hadn’t had chance to eat yet.
After dinner I swapped over dogs and let the labs out on the drive while I cleaned their yard.
Shone and Cito came in and I cleaned the bottom block and their yard.
I did the water buckets up in the top pen area and hosed Coosa’s pen; they all went out into the bunny field for half an hour before coming in for the night.
I got the house dogs fed and then the feeds done for the kennel dogs for the evening and the morning.
I brought Coosa’s group in and locked everyone up and let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Monday morning
Was a damp start house dogs done and fed, puppies vet bed changed.
The labs went out with food and then Kiro and Reo in and the house dogs in.
I did the kennel dogs and then sorted out my emails.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates as I had a dentist appointment.
When I got home I cut up the chicken and fed everyone just before we had another load of rain.
I stopped for coffee and a large dose of pain killers.
I hoovered the floors in the house and washed the dog beds.
The labs had a brush as they don’t take very long and it’s good to spend some time with them.
I had a puppy to get vaccinated and then ears to clean on some of the labradoodles.
Merlot had to have his face clipped, he wasn’t overly keen but he was looking untidy.
Rupert needed his ears cleaned.
I went out with Coosa’s group as he still needs brushing three times a week, after I had finished with them I spent time with each group of kennel dogs and checked everyone over for ticks thankfully none to be found.
I did the fire and then let everyone out.
I spent time doing adverts and taking pictures of puppies.
I printed off some more info sheets for the puppies leaving next month.
Everyone was out for the last run and got all the feeds ready for the next morning.
All in and fed.
Kiro and Reo out with food, the house dogs all in for the night.
Tuesday morning
Was a wet start but everyone managed to get out and not get wet.
The rain came down fast so I left the fire for a while and spent a while on the computer doing my accounts.
I went into the house for breakfast and let the house dogs out into the bottom block as it was still raining.
I cleaned the puppies out and washed the floor in the poodle’s room.
Cito and Shone went out in the field.
The labs had bones out in the yard.
I did the lunch time feeds and then spent time with each group this took up all afternoon.
I had a puppy buyer here for two and a half hours and then the puppy went off to his new home.
Evening feeds done, and everyone out for a run.
I spent two hours doing paper work and then stopped for dinner and fed the house dogs.
Another hour on paper work while the last of the dogs were out.
Coosa’s group in and fed I locked up the kennel and cleaned the drive and locked the gates.
Kiro out and house dogs in.
The house group were so funny Shone was playing with Merlot the poodle puppy she is so good with him and he does get very feisty with her but she has the patience with him which is so nice to see.
Wednesday morning
Today was a very early start I had the house dogs all done and the labs out and fed and then.
Down to the kennel by 7 am
All the kennel dogs done and then off to mole valley to get all of the materials sorted out ready for our next project of building a four birth shelter for storage and an outside under cover area for Reo and Kiro to get into at night when they are out at night, this is in preparation for the winter when hopefully we start the refurbishments on the house.
I got home from town and swapped over dogs that were out and brought the dogs in from the field.
My sister was due to come over for a meeting with the architect, to go through some questions and changes required by our listed buildings officer.
After the meeting was finished I swapped over dogs again and then went out for breakfast with my sister.
I got home and did the lunch time feeds and answered numerous phone calls and emails.
House dogs all fed.
The afternoon was trying to sort out my I phone with 3 over the phone. 45 mins later they decided that is wasn’t the sim card as they first thought when they sent me out a replacement it is a faulty phone so they have ordered me another one.
I got everything ready for training and put it all in the van ready.
I brushed Shiraz so she looked nice and fluffy.
Evening feeds done and morning feeds ready.
I fed everyone and then left the 4 dogs out that could stay out and then locked up the rest of them.
I got sorted out and changed and then Shiraz and I went off to training, tonight was testing night for the silver and gold class.
Went off with Shiraz for a quick walk and play and then it was time for getting seated for the test, we had a little spare time before we started so I tested everyone on the questions, this was good as it helps to settle everything down, while the owners are concentrating on the questions they are not getting stressed and it gives the dogs a chance to settle down nicely.
We had a great night all of the silver class passed the test and then we had food, photos and then the presentation of rosettes and certificates.
Next was to clean up and wash up and clear the food tables and the next class came in for their gold test.
While they were starting with their road walk we quickly finished the cleaning up.
For our club { Taw valley dog training and agility} this was not just a normal test night this was of great importance to us, we very often have guide dogs in the club, generally the guide dogs would have moved on to guide dog assessments and further training by the time we are gold testing but as luck would have it this is the very first time we have still had a dog with us when we get to gold, this test was brought forward as our guide dog Kracken was due to go off to his further training in eight days’ time.
Everyone passed their gold test, the hole club was elated to see Cathy and Kracken with their gold award, for us this was a monumental moment we are over the moon for Cathy she has had some hard battles to overcome with this boy, as a trainer Cathy is a pleasure to watch and to teach, she is quite and gentle with her dogs and gets amazing results with her guide dog training as well as with her agility dogs.
After food and the presentation was goodbye to Kracken off to the next level of training for him, wonderful for someone in the future to have Kracken to improve their life, still a little sad to see him go.
We cleaned the hall and then off home.
Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I downloaded the photos from the nights testing ready to upload to our new Facebook page North Devon dog training.
All the dogs locked up and then the house dogs out for a run.
I put the lab group in and then let Kiro and Reo out with their food.
I cleaned the poodle’s room and then the bitches’ pen.
I sat down just after 12.30 and wrote today’s blog.

Thursday morning
Today was a nice bright start at the crack of dawn again.
House dogs done and cleaned and fed, puppies sorted out.
Kiro and Reo in and the labs out.
Kennel dogs all done.
I did the fire and then spent a couple of hours on the computer sorting out orders and bits.
Next was to go into town and pup some things for my sister, I got some more petrol for the brush cutter.
I Got home just as a big meat order arrived I fed everyone and then froze the rest.
I had an unexpected trip to the vets so get Gavin to check one of the wolf dogs for me.
As it was so hot I spent time with the dogs and then brushed Chili
Everyone was out In their fields and pens they all had a good run.
Most of the dogs stayed out and carl came over and picked me up we went out for dinner for a couple of hours.
We got home and I let the rest of the dogs out and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I washed the bowls and locked up the kennel and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night with food.
The house dogs all came in.
I had emails and phone calls to sort out.
I had to get on the internet to order another keyboard and mouse this is the 3 rd. one this year I am really fed up with technology what with my I phone issues and the keyboard problems.
Friday morning
Was hot I did the house dogs and then put Kiro and Reo in the labs come out and then I opened the gates for Hannah coming in and the meat delivery.
I did the kennel dogs and then sorted out the meat; Hannah was grooming the little dogs.
I swapped over dogs and did the fire.
Next was a couple of hours out with the brush cutter while the labs were out in field three.
I came back in and swapped dogs over and then cut up the chicken and fed them.
I fed the pups and then went back out for a couple of hours with the brush cutter.
After I was stung to death I went in and fed everyone was fed and then I went over to my sisters for a bbq and then came home and fed the house dogs and let them out.
I fed the puppies and let the bitches out and had a quick clean out, Coosa’s group came in for food and locked the kennel dogs up.
Saturday morning
All good house dogs done labs done and then the kennel dogs.
Coosa group went out, disaster nearly stuck as Shone had jumped the garden fence, she met with Coosa’s pack which was not good for her, she is now on very light exercise and a lot of cage rest as Taska tore through the top of Shone’s front leg.
After sorting her out I went to town to pick up some stuff for training.
I got home and fed everyone.
Wendy and Brian popped in for a while and Brian helped sort out my phone Wendy planted some plants for me.
Kirsty popped in and took one of my pups for me for a while.
I did the evening feeds and morning feeds and brought everyone in early I had thoroughly had enough for one week, everyone was finished by 8 pm.

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