12th January

Sunday was a wet day on and off but ok as I had no visitors coming and no internet which was not so good but it gave me time with the dogs.
I had everyone done and finished cleaning by 10 am.
I spent time out with every group of dogs.
The little dogs came in absolutely covered head to toe in wet mud, I played ball with them it was nice to get the time.
The hybrid group were very playful I was the one who came in covered in mud and totally filthy.
Reo and Tory were the nicest two they just had lots of cuddles and a brush as Tory had started to blow her coat, Reo was sat on my lap being a big baby.
Coosa was his normal playful self and Matzi was the normal thug jumping up and nearly taking me off my feet, he is just so big and powerful.
I did all the lunch time feeds and then spent some time getting a list of my next group of dogs to do vaccinations on.
The afternoon had nearly gone so I did the frozen feeds for the next day and the dry feeds for the morning and the evening.
I got everyone in and finished off the puppies.
Monday morning Amy and I did the kennels and then I phoned the vets as I needed to take Taska in for an Allizin injection and a poodle puppy.
I left Amy a list of jobs to do.
When I got back we fed the puppies, we cleaned the yards and the bottom block, I got the frozen feeds out for Amy to take down for the next day.
I did the dogs for the afternoon.
Simon was here putting up cubby holes and storage shelves and things in the office.
The glass doors in the office area have now been changed for frosted glass.
I got the evening feeds ready and then brought everyone in and fed the puppies and locked up.
Tuesday morning was wet and horrible so we did one big group and one small group out at the same time.
Everyone was fed and cleaned out, we did the frozen feeds and got them out early as they are not de frosting in time.
Amy did the house dogs and I was sorting out stuff with Miki for the water harvester.
We cleaned the bottom block and the yard.
I got another whelping area ready to move one of the bitches soon.
The meat delivery arrived and then I cut up all the chicken for the little dogs.
I brushed the house dogs and then left them out in the yard for a while so I could clean the floor.
I had a customer come and pick up their puppy three hours late and never gave an explanation; I thought it was very rude personally.
When she left I fed all the little dogs.
I got the evening feeds done and then cleaned the old kennels at the top.
Everyone came in and was bedded down for the night.
Wednesday morning I had finished the house dogs and then we did the first group of puppies.
When we went down to the kennels it was unusually quiet Kiro was not going mad which worried me.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs.
We fed the puppies and put he first group of dogs out, I went to let Reo and Tory out, Reo was standing quietly by the door and Tory was dead, I let Reo out and then examined Tory, I came straight in and spoke to Gavin my vet, after going through everything we worked out that she had died from Septicaemia, Gavin said it would have been quick, at least I was grateful for that.
Tory was a special girl she will be missed.
I phoned Graham the farmer and he came down and dug a very large hole and we buried her next to her sister who we lost a couple of years ago with a spinal injury.
I cleaned Tory’s kennel top to bottom and then brought Reo back in and fed him.
B t arrived to sort out my internet, it took a while but he did get it all working, I have to wait another month to get an engineer out to put the main socket up into the new kennel so I can have the phones and the internet up there.

I had the building inspector arrive to do the final check on the kennel and we have had it signed off now.
I papered my van ready for training as I was not feeling too good and being the first night back I decided to just take Shone as I was not really in the mood to have another dog there as well.
We cleaned the yards and did the feeds for the next day.
I got everyone’s kennel ready for the evening and then bought the dogs in.
I fed the puppies and got changed ready for training.
Shone is now travelling without making a mess, she just dribbles.
My new training class is split between three are doing the bronze and the rest are doing the silver.
We had a good first night the dogs settled into it well.
Shone is in the gold class, she was really good I was so pleased with her.
The second gold class are going to take their exam next month but as the weather was so bad only a few of them turned up so Shone also did the next class as well.
After we had finished we tidied up the hall and then came home and sorted out all of the dogs.
I had left Narla in the house with Rupert and Cito she was good she had not done anything.

I left everyone out in the house and then did the feeds for the morning.
Thursday morning I did the house dogs and then Amy arrived and we did the first group of puppies and then down to the kennel.
We fed everyone and let the lab and poodle group out; Kiro went in the paddock while they were out.
Hannah arrived to groom the labradoodles as they are getting so muddy in the field.
We cleaned out the three kennels from the dogs that were out and then brought them in and put the next groups out, everyone was cleaned out and fed, we dried all of the kennels and then Amy did the housed dogs.
I fed Coosa and the hybrid groups and then I came down and did the feeds for the next day and then started cleaning the yards and bottom block.
I got the chicken cut up and then fed the little dogs, Hannah came up for lunch and Kate arrived to pick up some paper work, we had coffee and cake and Kate had a look around at the new kennels and then she left and I got the beds down and sorted for the dogs coming in.
I got everyone in and fed and then went off to an evening appointment at the hair dressers.
I got home and did the morning feeds and let the house dogs out.
Friday morning I did the house dogs and then Amy arrived so we did the puppies and then the two bitches that are due to have pups then down to the kennel to do the rest of them.
First out were the poodles and lab group, we fed them and then fed the puppies.
Both cleaned out and back in.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it all out and packed it all away.
The hybrid group and Coosa went out and we cleaned the puppies out and finished cleaning all of the kennels.
Amy did the house dogs while I went out and got shavings.
I got home and Amy was disinfecting the bottom block so I unloaded the van and fed the puppies.
I had my fire risk assessment done and all went really well, we have the minimum amount to do to be up to standard.
I moved all the spare towels from the house down to the new kennel.
I have now got all of the heat lamps moved down to the kennel.
The little dogs all went out in the field and got filthy, when they came in the hybrids all went out for the afternoon.
I did the lunch time feeds for the little dogs and then got the frozen feeds out for the next day.
I bedded up everyone ready for the night.
I got everyone in and did the feeds for the next morning and fed all the dogs.
Shone and Narla came in to the house for dinner.
Saturday morning was a nice dry start so I did the house dogs and then the bitches due to have puppies, I did the pups and then went down to the kennel.
I fed the puppies and put the little dogs out with their feeds.
I cleaned them out and then brought them back in and let Coosa and the hybrids out and put Coosa’s food out.
Kiro went out and then Wendy and Brian arrived they helped me clean the kennels and then after we finished them Brian burnt all rubbish.
Simon arrived to spray the frosting on the glass door dividing the office area from the kennel.
He also made me a shelf to put the straw on so we can have it inside the kennel and not in a bin taking up room in the walk way.
We have a new box on the front of the controls for the water harvester so Simon had a busy day.
Wendy and Brian did loads of jobs, my gutters are clear again; the freezer is defrosted and now being used as a paper store so the mice can’t get at the paper.
We had a pallet of dry food delivered that was all unloaded up into the new kennel.
The lean-to has been tidied right out and the old freezer has been put in there, we now have space in the garage to store stuff from the house when we are ready to lift the floors and check to see what Simon needs to do next.
Brian has put a mesh panel over the railway sleepers in the bottom yard to stop Shone from eating the wood.
While I was with a customer Wendy and Brain just carried on and tidied up things and moved straw and more food, they were working like little beavers and it looks so much tidier, we away have just a productive day whenever they are here.
I did the lunch time feeds for the little dogs and the house dogs, the afternoon was just moving more things to the new kennels and then bedding down getting everyone in and feeding.
I finished early and came in at 5.30 so I could get the blog done and have a decent meal before sitting down and doing nothing.

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