12th February

Timber wolf hybrid pups just born pups can be viewed on web cam just click on the link.


Last Saturday their was a dramatic change in Quannahy’s mood first thing in the morning I found she had lost three pups and then I saw the fourth, he was in the corner of her box and had been dismembered.
This was very rare behavior but not the first time I had seen this over the years, all the same very unpleasant for Quannahy and us.
This gave a clear indication that she was not happy and did not want to raise the pups.
I rang Shaun and he came over to see how we could sort things out.
The plan was for Shaun, Isla, Kate and I all to split shifts doing the dogs and one staying with Quannahy until the next litter of labradoodle pups were due to be born in the coming week.
While Shaun was here Isla phoned up and said she had a strange feeling that Camouse my hybrid was in pup, I was a little surprised at this, as I had seen her the previous week and she did not look in anyway like she was in pup. This would be ironic as Camouse had been planned to be mated, but certainly had showed no signs of coming into season.
Shaun went back to look at the bitch and bring Isla back here for the weekend to help out.

Shaun rings up and said we are on our way back and Camouse is with us, I then moved my poodle out with her last puppy and got the area ready for Camouse.

When Shaun arrived and I felt her she just felt solid like a ball, she had not dropped or given any real indication of being close to whelping.

Shaun looked after Quannahy while we went out and cleaned the kennels and exercise the dogs, Isla gave us a hand outside to get done quicker.

Even with us all looking after Quannahy we then lost a further two pups as she squashed one and the other one dehydrated and she really did not want to feed them.

On Sunday evening Camouse started to howl and Shaun said I bet she is about to have a pup, as his female wolf would give a low howl just before she whelped.

We sat watching her on the camera in the house and within half an hour she had her first pup all was well and the pup was big and healthy, the second pup took a really long time so I gave her an injection and got the second one without to much of a problem, again waiting for the third pup was like an eternity so two more injections and then we had three big healthy pups.

As Camouse is a very laid back bitch and fazed by nothing it was hard to judge that something was wrong, I told Shaun I felt she was not right.
I went off for five minutes to do something and when I went back in Shaun said no she is not right, something feels wrong now even for her, so we tried again to find the outline shape of the next pup
I could not find a defined pup when palpitating her uterus, after ringing ahead to the vet and arranging how we would all plan our day with Shaun and Isla doing their packs and Kate sorting out here I went off to the vets with Kirsty to get a caesarian on Camouse.

A C-section is normally a very straightforward procedure and we just accept this can happen, its no real drama.

Well this one turned out not to be so straight forward, after Gavin had made the first incision and could not move the uteri horn to be able to remove the pups I started to feel something was not going to go as smoothly as I had anticipated.
After opening the stomach from end to end Gavin gently rolled out the first uteri horn and said I don’t like this its so unusual, the he took the next side out which was extremely difficult as it appeared not to want to come out at all.
This was the strangest thing, the uterus had twisted around four times and had to be unraveled, the dead pups were removed and Gavin took out one uteri horn leaving Cumouse with only one side left to carry any future puppies if we wanted to breed her again in the future.

It is of very little importance if she can only carry a small number of pups in the future, its thanks to Isla she has a future.

The priority was the health and well being of Camouse.
When she was being stitched up I went for a bit of me time outside for a coffee and reality check with a friend on the phone.
Sometimes things just happen that are out of our control, we just have to deal them calmly and carry on, there is usually an upside to most things, you just have to find it and ours was had it not been for Isla’s vigilance and instinct and everyone helping out to sort things out for all of our animals then Camouse would no longer be here with us now, we are only to happy to have her home with some very good news all-round.

Shaun and Isla were here when I arrived back from the vets to give Camouse reassurance and settle her in with the puppies, which went very well
Camouse has adopted the two remaining Quannahy pups along with her own puppies and is doing really well, she has been very good with them and Kate and I, as we really have not had very much contact with her before this weekend.

We had planned to spend more time with her and get to know her properly when she came into season before she was mated but best laid plans didn’t account for under 24 hours of having her here and puppies being born.
Quannahy has gone back home to join her pack at Shaun’s until we can find a suitable home for her as a pet, she is very happy you would not think she had whelped a litter of pups a few days previously.
Finally we finished everything and went to pick up the sawdust for the bedding and got our dinner.

Tuesday was a nice dry morning everything was running according to plan the dogs thought it was summer.
This gave us chance to get everyone cleaned out and exercised then we moved a couple of dogs around ready for the next puppies to be born.
Lobo has gone into D’Quilla’s pack.
Cheau and Starr have moved down into the bottom block to make room for the lab to whelp.
Hopefully weather permitting on Thursday Cath is coming to pick up Chea as she has been rehomed and Starr will join Bobby and Siren, this will mean one less group to go out so we have a little more time for training with a couple of other dogs.

Camouse is doing well with her puppies and her adopted pups.

Our labradoodle puppies were born without any problems.
Our other Lab girl has been moved to the whelping area with another female for company until she whelps.

Lycan is the second female in Coosa’s group she is only out on exercise once a day at the moment as she has an abscess in her foot; she is very good she hasn’t really made any fuss about it, thankfully after four days her foot is starting to get better.

We have a few dogs for rehoming due to some changes in the breeding and needing to breed from less of the dogs that actually live here, the plan is to breed from more of my dogs that are with friends or on breeding contracts, this will give us more time with the dogs that are here.


10-month-old bitch Roka Saarloos Inuit csv cross

11 MONTH OLD BITCH STARR Saarloos Inuit csv cross

2-YEAR-OLD BITCH has been spayed ½ Inuit ½ Czech (csv)

16-MONTH-OLD MALE has been castrated ½ Saarloos ½ csv

1 TWELVE month old Timberwolf hybrid female
There will be a couple more in the next few months also looking for new homes.

Tuesday evening was stressful Camouse was unsettled while the lab was whelping she was jumping around the pen and banging the heat lamp all over the place then she jumped up and ripped the electric cable clean out of the lamp so I had to remove it completetly, this was not ideal as it was very cold and the pups being so young was worrying, I had to hope that Camouse would get in the whelping box and keep the puppies warm.
I did not feel it appropriate to move either of the bitches late at night as this could have caused more problems.
I was hoping for an early night but instead I was watching the whelping and flicking the cameras back and forth to check on Camouse for hours.

Wednesday was a really cold start to the morning everyone went out before any of the kennels could be washed, as it would have just frozen before we could dry the floors.
Worming and some vaccination boosters needed to be done.

Kate had the delightful task of plucking the pheasants for Idaho, I am afraid I draw the line at that job, quite frankly it makes me feel sick.
Kate also brought her in a crow and a squirrel but that was fed as it is without any skinning or plucking.
The afternoon was spent cleaning and visitors viewing wolf dogs.
We went to training with Peaches and C, everything went really well we had no issues with any of the stays, I was a little unsure how she would be on the stand stay as I knew that other dogs that were in the down as they will not stay in the stand were going to be getting up and down.
One owner had to repeatedly return to her dog to put him back in the down and as she was stood right next to C I was really pleased with her she did not move her body once only her head.
Our heelwork is improving as C has found a little more energy and enthusiasium I think due to the new high-energy treat she is getting before and during training.
Unfortunately we lost one of Camouses pups in the night so this now leaves puppies, all the rest seem to be ok I think maybe she laid on this one.
Thursday was a good morning very busy but all went as planned Chea has gone to her new home.
Starr has now moved in with Siren and Bobby they all seem to be getting on very well they are all well suited as both girls are very energetic and playful.
Thursday evening was spent brushing and clipping Bon the poodle.
Friday was not great it was wet and cold so none of the dogs wanted to be out for as long as normal, everyone came in and spent the day chewing on bones and hide chews they were all nice and quiet and content.
Coosa’s group spent most time out in the field but then came through the hatch and lay in their kennel when the rain really came down.
Kate did most of the outside work while I bathed and clipped two of the yorkies.

Friday was bitterly cold but mainly dry which was nice.
After we had finished cleaning and changing all the vet beds for the new pups I had chance to spend some time with Camouse and giving her a brush as she is blowing her coat as are many others, most the kennels have loads of fur all over the place first thing in the morning.
Evening was spent brushing one of the housedogs and paperwork.
Saturday was very busy as Wendy and Brian came down to do many jobs that had occurred in the last couple of weeks and to bring some newspaper as we are always so short of it.
Brian has cut some board to make slightly smaller doors on the whelping box’s to make it easier for the bitches to get in and out before they whelp, the higher doors can go back in when the pups get bigger.

We had to put up a white board so that the Labrador, Breeze can not see Camouse next door to her when she comes out for exercise as she feels threatened by another dog so close to her area when she has pups herself.

Boards were also put up on the front kennel in the top block as Jezz is in there with her puppies and the other dogs that pass her kennel stop and look at the pups, Jezz is not happy that they are so inquisitive.

We have also put a board to divide the 2 pens in the office as C and Razzel keep getting hold of the coats on the poodles in the next pen and eating them, this week alone we have had 4 coats ripped to shreds.

The ground had to be dug down deeper where the gate opens in Coosa’s field and paving slabs put in the gateway as a couple of days this week it has got so muddy by the gate then the ground has frozen and we cant open the gate so we have to climb over {a six foot gate} and try to break the frozen ground to get in.
Last week one of the groups of dogs in field 2 broke the catches off their gate and decided to join the dogs in field luckily they all got on ok and were running around the field together, so we have put a new catch and a chain on the gate also a dividing gate between the two fields and the track were they go out from the kennels

We had visitors picking up labradoodle pups and a couple viewing Csv adults for a possible future puppy the evening feeding before sitting down with the house dogs for a couple of hours.
This has been a particularly long and hard week thankfully now has drawn to and end.

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