12th August

Written by Kate
Sunday started like every day this week, lovely then turning horrible which makes everything really hard to get things done properly.
I managed to get some pressure washing done ready for when Andre gets back.
A’Lupa and her puppy are doing very well A’Lupa has turned out to be a really good mum, as she only has the one pup she is really fat.
I have now moved Rosie into the whelping area as it makes it easier for me to check her frequently on the web cam in the house.
I have had to move Bobby into a different pen as she was constantly jumping up at the door which has cracked two of the tiles at the front of the pen.
Most of the time it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, especially with the horrid weather we have had this week.
I popped out for an hour to go and have my 16 week check-up, it was amazing the baby has a strong heart beat and all is going well.
Monday morning was an early start as I wanted to get things done.
I got a big bulk of the power washing done today.
I gave all the house dogs fresh bedding and got all the washing done and dried, I wanted to make sure there was no back log of washing as Andre will be coming home tomorrow with all of her holiday washing and the blankets from the van after she picks up Coosa and Matzi.
Andre’s blog.
I got home at 5 am on Tuesday morning the first thing I did was go bed for a few hours, when I woke up I phoned Kate straight away to see how things were going , Peaches was just starting to whelp, so I was on and off the phone for a few hours.
I went and picked up the van and a nice big bill of nearly 2,000 pound , but hopefully all will be good for some considerable time, I was very unlucky that my power steering pump had gone.
The roof vent is fitted so I won’t have to worry about lack of air flow now.
I got home and unpacked then spent time going through lots of things with Kate about what had been done and what needed to be done next.
I spent several hours on the phone and computer sorting out appointments for viewings of different dogs.
I finally went to bed at around 1 am.
Wednesday morning I did the house dogs and cleaned a couple of pens with Kate, and then I left here just after 8 am to go and get Coosa and Matzi.
I got to Shaun’s just as Isla had finished doing a hybrid encounter with a group of people.
Isla went off with them while I went up to the top enclosure to get the boys.
Matzi came out from the undergrowth, I searched the pen for some time but couldn’t find Coosa , in the end I went and put Matzi in the van and asked Isla to give me a hand to find Coosa .
We went up and finally found him under a bush were he had made nice den.
I got through the undergrowth and put a lead on him but he was reluctant to come out so Isla went right up behind him and then he came out slowly.
When I got him home I knew something was wrong but I thought it was that he was sulking as I had left him.
It took me a while to realise that there was more to his behaviour than I had first thought.
Well to cut a long story short as the whole ordeal of then next few days completely drained me and made me feel quite ill.
He had a temperature of 106, wasn’t eating or drinking.
He could not pass water, so after many more syringes of fluids he passed urine and I grabbed a sample.
He was lethargic and flat then he went disorientated and off his legs.
I gave him 2000 mg of antibiotics and started to syringe him with Electra lights and took him to the vets.
Kirsty met me at the vets; in five years she has never had the chance to stroke him and she said as much as it was so nice to cuddle him and have him give her kisses she never wants to touch him again if it means doing so under these circumstances.
Gavin my vet gave him a thorough examination.
He had blood in the urine.
He had a urinary tract infection a secondary infection on the lungs and was exceptionally ill.
He had lost 9 kilos in weight and looked very poor all his coat was coming out in handfuls.
Kirsty took the blood sample straight to the laboratory and had the blood samples fast tracked to rule out any more issues.
He is on a number of medications including two different antibiotics.
After a very rocky couple of days he is now starting to improve.
I on the other hand feel like he looked.
Tuesday night whelping, Wednesday night sleeping in a kennel with Coosa and the girls who were so well behaved I was really pleased with them, Thursday night whelping all night and running up and down to check on Coosa.
I owe a very big thank you to Kirsty for everything she has done for Coosa and me over the last few days.
To Simon for having Kirtsy’s dogs and making it possible for her to be with us at the drop of hat when she should have been working.
Gavin with his exceptional experience to make such a fast diagnosis and pull out all the stops to get Coosa back on the road to recovery.
Racheal and Jacqui for talking to me in the small hours, throwing round different scenarios and solutions to help to get him comfortable and re hydrated as fast as we did.
Kate just carried on the normal day as if I were not here as I was in body but all of my focus and attention was to Coosa, I was completely devoted to him 110%, he has always been the highest priority animal here and will always be, he is my best friend and my soul mate.
I was making tripe soup, beef soup anything that I thought could help to get more fluids into him and get his kidneys working properly again.
The thoughts of him just giving up and dying was the worst feeling I have ever had in my life, I missed him like mad when I was away, he makes every day worth living for, I love him more than life itself.
Friday was Sophie and I as Kate is off until Monday, we spent all day cleaning without a break.
Kate did pop in to give me a hand with some worming and vaccinating before going to visit her family.
Hannah was here grooming the little dogs, she just got on with them on her own as I was so busy, she has done a very nice job on all of the dogs she did.
I have had another defiant order for another hybrid from a couple who are now having one from both Kiro and Sous litter, also three more possible, one being from a friend who has a small pack of wolf dogs, who has done very well with her dogs over the last 7 years and had learnt a considerable amount in the last couple of years, I am pleased as I know they will be great owners and the bonus is that they live on Exmoor so I will get to see their dog as it grows up.
Friday night I had a friend come in to sit with the house dogs and keep a check on coosa to make sure he was ok so I could go out for a couple of hours to see my family as I was away for my birthday and they all wanted to have a barbeque and catch up.
Saturday I started very early and had got most of the dogs done then Sophie and I did the labs and doodles kennels and yards as they needed power washing.
Wendy and Brain did a couple of odd jobs while I made a few phones calls and see visitors looking at puppies.
Brian went to do the strimming , which took a couple of hours.
Wendy and I did the bitches and puppies and sorted out all of the washing and drying as we now have a number of vet beds to wash daily.
Brian has measured up and done a list for materials for the new lean to I want on the side of the garage for storage.
We have sorted out the garage and rearranged the food so we can have more space, how long that will last as I seem to fill every spare inch of space we ever create.
Brian has poisoned all of the weeds in the garden as I have not managed to keep up with the weeds nothing new there.
Lola out little Yorkie girl has been an absolute star, she has taken on our four remaining poodle puppies as the mum was not interested in them and she squashed three pups in one day well in a matter of an hour or so.
Kiro and Matzi have mated today.
Also Rupert and Cracker have had a mating thankfully Wendy gave me a hand to hold her as she was a little too big for him and he struggled to get the tie while she was trying to run around the pen.
Eventually we finished outside just after 8 o clock and Wendy and Brian left then I went and did the house dogs and the bitches and pups.
After finishing the house dogs I did the blog.
Looking forward to next week it has to better than this week.
Coosa is looking much better I am so relieved.
I have had an email from Mark, Budd is doing really well he was castrated this week and Zora has been spayed both of them are doing very well and have no problems with either of them with the anaesthetic


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