11th September

Wolf dog puppies for sale.
Storm the re home dog who came in last week has been really good he has settled much better than expected to being out in a kennel after being a house dog with another male for 2 years.
Storm is a very big lad with a really nice gentle nature, he is obedient and loving, he is not a fussy eater, his only fault is he is strong on the lead.
Only 1 Meli male pup left.
The female puppy is staying for a few weeks until her owners return from Chile.
Next litter due in 5 weeks time.
This week feels like its been harder than most, due to the concreting we have had 3 exercise yards out of use as the panels did not go up until Saturday, this is just temporary until the new ones arrive next month.
All day Saturday was spent doing the drainage for the bottom yard.
Due to the poodles and labradoodles putting their feet through the mess I have had to order ¾ sheeted panels for areas where the wolf dogs pass the small dogs.
3006 Wolfie has finally gone to join his new owners, he has had an extended stay with us until his new owners could take him.

A sad day for Racheal and Vader, one of my Czech cross wolf dogs that Racheal has bred some very good puppies from that also race.
Vadar was castrated so that he could be put on the register to race. He was obviously out classing the purebred sled dogs in the ABSA a sled dog organization in England.
Vadar has competed all over the UK with other organization such as SDAS achieving several first placing and always placed very high.
Racheal received a letter today banning Vadar from racing because Racheal has bred a litter from Jerry Lee.
This is ridiculous Vadar has done nothing wrong and all the rules have been complied with
I wonder would it have been the same out come had Racheal bred a husky cross Malamute.
This will not be the end of Vadars racing as he will be continuing to race with SDAS and also he will be taking part in a 200 kilometers race through Swedish Lapland in March 2012 along with three Czechoslovakian wolf dog crosses in Vadars team in total there will be 6 cross Czechs and 1 pure bred Czech wolf dog all bred by Racheal and myself.

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