11th October

Another cold start these autumn mornings are a little breath taking.
The house dogs out and Kiro in.
Labradors out and clean.
Kennel dogs all out.
I did the fire and then had dogs out in every field and the yard.
Cito and Shone came out with me to field 3 to help!! Pull up ragwort before it starts to seed again.
After I had finished I brought them two in and the poodles that were on the drive.
I let another group out in the field and then a group on the drive and stopped for breakfast.
I cleaned the poodle’s room and got meat out for the morning.
I spent some time on the computer and the phone as I had a family came back a couple of days ago to view their puppy again and the lady called me today to say she had an allergy to the puppy so they are thinking about now waiting for my next litter to have a poodle.
I have found a home for this little boy with a family on my waiting list.
I contacted people ready for our next litter of Czechs.
My next job was to cut up the chicken and feed everyone; I put the labs out early with their food, so they could have bones later in the afternoon as it looked like there could be a possibility of rain.
The family from my waiting list came up and looked at the male cockapoo and bought him so that’s good the litter will all still be able to leave on the same day.
I had another family come up to see two yorkie puppies while I was waiting for them to arrive I pulled out two bags of weeds and ragwort up the bank by field three and along the top part of the drive, hopefully this should be all for now.
The family came and bought two puppies and then I locked up the gate and let the next group out on the drive, while I was getting the evening feeds done.
I did a few bits in the house and then had a chat to Vicci and then brought everyone in.
The wind was really bad all night I knew the yards were going to be covered in leaves in the morning.
A wet start but everyone went out and Kiro went in and then the labs went out and I cleaned their kennel and let them out in the field.
House dogs all went back in as it was wet.
I cleaned all of kennels and did the fire.
I took 4 vet beds from the kennel to the house for washing and moved the puppies onto paper bedding and shavings this will make cleaning easier.
Next was a call from the family that came to buy two yorkies, they have now decided they only want one.
I swapped dogs on the drive and then packed up some more stuff for the house to move out.
I picked up in the paddock and the drive and then cleaned the bottom block.
Next was to steam clean the poodle’s room.
I did the lunch time feeds and then got the chicken out for the next day’s feeding.
I did a load of shredding in the kennel for feeding
I went back to the house and sorted out more washing and packing and then swapped over dogs again.
I had a chat to one of my hybrid owners for a while; she is getting on well with her dog.
I got evening feeds ready let the last groups out while I cleaned the poodles yard and then the l yard, I had to leave Coosa’s pen as the rain got really heavy, so I put everyone away and fed them, I locked up the kennel and then cleaned Coosa’s pen and let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
I finished the kc paper work for the dogs going up for the hip and elbow x rays later this month.
A damp start house dogs out and the labs into the field with food.
I cleaned the labs kennel and then fed the house dogs.
Kiro and Reo came in Kiro brought a fresh killed pigeon with her so I left her to eat it.
I did the kennel dogs and then the fire.
I let Cito and Shone out into the field and popped into mole valley and then the bank.
I got home and swapped dogs and then I had a really nice young couple come down from Bristol to meet the dogs, after they left I cut up the chicken and started the lunch time feeds.
Next was the guy to measure up and give me a price on windows for the house, I spent a short time with him and left him to measure up as my chicken delivery arrived and I wanted to get it sorted before my next people came to view puppies.
I swapped over dogs and cleaned the poodle’s pen in the house.
I sorted out some paper work and phone calls.
While I was sat around waiting for people to arrive I did the blog for today and yesterday.
I hoovered the office and kitchen and then the hall way.
After they had left I swapped over dogs and then we had a massive down pour so time to get out and quickly disinfect the front yard as it so much easier to do when the rain is coming down at that speed, as the disinfectant washes off quicker and the dogs aren’t out anyway.
After the rain stopped I scraped the pen down and then washed the poodle’s yard and the bottom yard while the house dogs were all in the bottom block.
I brought everyone in and let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
House dogs out and then the labs fed and out, I cleaned their kennel and then put Kiro and Reo in.
I opened the gates for Hannah she started doing the house poodles while I did the kennel dogs
After I had finished them my rescue dog came back as he was too destructive for his foster carer, I put him out in the bottom block and then into the field with Cito and Shone
I let the house dogs out into the yard and then did the fire.
Next was to hoover and steam clean the poodle’s room in the house.
All the house dogs bedding needed changing and the first lot of towels from Hannah were ready to wash.
I cut up the chicken and started to feed everyone.
Evening feeds done ready as I needed to be ready for training.
I got the van cages ready and put the water bowls in, I cut up cheese to take with me.
Next was to pick up in the drive and then paper the poodle’s room for tonight when I get home to put them to bed.
Labs out with their food.
Coosa’s kennel bedded up ready for late tonight.
I did some adverts for the yorkie poo puppies.
Next was to feed the wolf dogs that live in the house and pick up in the bottom block.
The labs came in and Narla and Siren went back out as I wanted to give them another run before leaving, I wasn’t going to leave them out as it may rain.
I let the house dogs out on the drive and then took Rupert into the grooming room and gave him a quick brush and then Hannah put Rupert in the bath and then dried him.
I spent a short time on the computer while Rupert was in the drier.
After Rupert was finished then I went into the house and got changed ready to leave.
I loaded Shiraz and Winter and then picked up in the drive ready to leave.
Hannah stayed and finished off the last three dogs.
I am sure Hannah managed to bath twelve dogs and dry them and clip a couple, a good days work.
Winter was very good he is just mastering the down now last week he really didn’t want to do it, he is nice with the other dogs.
My silver class are doing so well they are now starting to do gold class exercises because they will get bored if they haven’t got more things to stimulate them.
Shiraz was really good on some exercises and very silly on the off lead heel work she refused to go anywhere near Smudge one of the cockapoo’s I bred, we did try and get them to meet but she kept turning her back on him.
Her send to bed and stop were both perfect.
I got home late and brought Coosa’s group in and then checked on everyone else and then brought Moon and Shone in for the night.
I spent a couple of hours with the house dogs before bed.
A nice warm start the phone was ringing before 8 am window prices calls about dogs, so the first part of the morning was a little slower.
House dogs out and then labs out and fed.
Kiro in and kennel dogs out, all done and fed.
I did the fire and brought the labs in and the house wolf dogs out.
I did some more washing and cleaned the poodle’s room.
Chicken cut up and some shredding done.
I had dogs out everywhere and then went up and did some more planting along the bank above the front pen.
I came in totally shattered and fed everyone and then the new owners came to pick up Rosie my yorkie girl.
After they left I spent a while with Ollie as he was unwell and very quiet.
I moved Elsa from her puppies and put her in with Ollie.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it out and froze most of it and then stopped for late lunch.
I hoovered and steam cleaned all the floors in the house while the poodles were out eating.
I sorted out some paper work and bills.
Evening feeds ready and then I started to bring the dogs in.
Kennel locked up and Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
An early start as I wanted to get the rest of the planting done straight after finishing the dogs.
House dogs out and fed then the labs out and Kiro in.
I did the kennel dogs and then the fire.
I hosed the bottom block while Cito, Moon and Shone were out in the field.
After that was done I hosed the yard and stopped for food.
I swapped over dogs and then dug up the last of the plants to be moved today, I still have more to do but could face anymore digging today.
I spent quite a while with Razzle’s group introducing Ruby my Labrador to their pack as she can’t go back with the lab group.

I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then went down to the house to feed and stop for lunch.
I sorted the washing out and then power washed Coosa’s outside pen and left them out in the field as it didn’t look like it would rain.
Next was to let the last of the kennel dogs out and then the house wolf dogs out into the field so the house poodles could go out in the bottom block so I could power wash their yard.
I did the evening feeds and brought everyone in and then let Kiro and Reo out just before dark.
A cold dry start house dogs out and then the labs out and fed, I cleaned their kennel and then put the house dogs back in and left the house wolf dogs in the bottom block.
Kiro and Reo in, I did the kennel dogs and then the fire.
The house wolf dogs out in the field and I cleaned the bottom block and then the poodles pen in the house all cleaned and ready for the night time.
I packed up some more bits from the house and moved boxes up to the container.
I sorted out some paper work and then cut up the chicken and started to feed everyone.
I wormed the puppies and hoovered the office area as I had someone coming to view puppies.
I fed everyone and then did some more paper work.
I spent a couple of hour’s power washing the front pen while waiting for extremely rude ignorant people to turn up to see puppies, in the end I rang them and told them how inconsiderate they really are, normally I wouldn’t bother but these people make me sick.
My next people arrived on time and spent quite a long time with the puppies.
After they left I finished off the pen and let the next group of dogs out.
Everyone went out for a last run and then in for feeding.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.

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