11th November

Last Sunday was Kate and I we were really busy and the morning was going so fast it felt like if we stopped we would get behind.
We did the labs and the bitches with pups this took us longer than normal with the extra poodle puppies we have just got.
As always the dogs in the bottom block always get wet when they go out and they did they were absolutely soaked, they came in dripping in mud.
I gave Kate a hand to do most of the top block and then came down to go through some estimates with mum before she went home.
We had breakfast then changed all of the vet beds and the tissue bedding on the other pups.
We had to put the bitches out in relays into pen one so they didn’t get wet while we were doing the pups.
Kirsty popped in to spend some time with the hybrid pups.
Kate was taking pictures for customers while I had people viewing dogs.
After Kate had left I got all the rest of the feeds prepared for the next feeding session and the frozen food ready in boxes in the freezer for Monday.
I changed paper and added more bedding for the pups.
The next job was checking ears on the wolf dogs and cleaning ears on all of the little dogs, which took over an hour.
I hosed Atlz and Roxy’s pen as it always stinks, Atlz will pee on everything including Roxy if she stands still long enough.
I fed everyone and played with Coosa for 10 minutes before putting him to bed.
I got all of the outside pens hosed and ready for the next morning before finishing outside as it was dark at just after 5 pm.
Monday morning was kirsty and I, another day fairly much like Sunday we were very busy as we stripped out the entire top block and scrubbed every kennel out and put in new straw and shavings.
Kate popped up to say she was on her way to pick up lobo for a few days and would we like her to pick us up a bacon sandwich for breakfast, this was nice we were just finishing cleaning the last kennel when Kate arrived with food and coffee, brilliant timing.
As always Kate was here for ages and she helped with changing vet beds and putting dogs out and feeding before she left.
It will be a right pain when she does leave as its surprising how much she does do on her visits to pick up or drop off lobo.
Hopefully she will get the baby trained so she can visit next year when the little monster is here.
I have now put bands on both hybrid litters so it is easier to identify the when I am watching them on the camera In the house.
This will make it easier for me to pick which female I am having and from which litter, I am still undecided.
I spent the rest of the day feeding and cleaning as always.
Bobby was a nightmare she howled nearly all night as she is in season and normally with Lobo but he had gone for a couple of days.
Tuesday morning was so cold I could hardly feel my hands; we kept the heat lamps on the puppies all day.
Kirsty was only here until 10.30 so we were rushing for three hours to get the majority of the outside pens and kennels all washed down and dried before she left.
After Kirsty had gone I carried on with changing bedding and letting dogs out.
I had a couple come to view puppies; I spent an hour with them and not even a phone call to say they were not having a pup.
People are very inconsiderate when they view a litter of pups they want to play with all of the pups even the ones that have already been sold.
Either puppies bring out the worst in people or they are just bloody inconsiderate anyway.
After the visitors had left I carried on feeding and letting the bitches out so the pups could eat their dinner.
I had to sort out the guy coming to put up the scaffolding ready for the steel guys to start in two weeks’ time.
My gun on the hose in the bottom block blew itself to pieces so I needed to finish in time to go up to the farm store and replace it, I got their 10 minutes before they closed so that was well timed.
I was dreading another night of no sleep but Bobby was good she had settled and did not make too much of a fuss.

Wednesday morning was Kirsty and I, so knowing that she was here until 1 pm I thought we would have an easier morning but it was not to be we were still rushing all morning right up to the point when she left.
The afternoon was just the same as all the pups on tissue bedding need the beds checking again and any wet tissue had to come out and have new added so the pup didn’t get cold.
All the pups are now out of the whelping boxes and can run around the pens making a mess everywhere.
Some of the pups have newspaper out in the front parts of the pens so this has to be checked and changed constantly.
All the pups are eating minced chicken and tripe with their biscuits.
I hosed all the outside pens and then Kate came back with lobo this pleased Bobby she was so excited to see him.
Kate gave me a hand putting bitches away and taking out feed bowls.
Kate made a coffee when we had finished and ordered me to sit for 10 minutes before I went off to training with c.
She was very good with everything except her send away was absolutely bloody appalling I was really not happy with her being such a stubborn cow I took her on the lead and made her lay on her bed.
If she carries on being a cow then she won’t pass her gold and I will not do another class and redo the test as she does it perfectly well at home.
Thursday was Kirsty and I we had a cold start we were both very tired and looking a little on the rough side, but despite that the first part of the morning went well with cleaning and getting everyone fed and out.
All the vet beds were done and bitches with pups all cleaned out in reasonable time.
After all the cleaning was finished and the yards cleaned we then went straight on to feeding the pups, this takes about 45 minutes to get them all done.
Then the day went downhill, Lobo mated Bobby and really hurt her leg, so Kate came and picked up Lobo and took him to the vets and had the chemical castration injection.
When Kate came back with him we put him in with Koko, with a plan of a full castration next Monday.
Siren has gone in with Rainn and Soul for now.
Kate and I finished feeding and locking everyone up for the night.
Then I went off to the osteopath as I was having more trouble with my neck and lower back.
Friday morning was a really bad start I got up early hoping to get as much done as possible before going to the opticians.
It started with putting all of the house dogs out a 6 am. I was doing the feeds and then Kia had ripped open her whole side were her stitches were.
I am not sure if I was just feeling off and stressed or if it was Kia’s side hanging open but the next thing was I passed out, I made several attempts to get up and bring the house dogs in but they ended up out for an hour and a quarter before I could get up the steps safely.
I phoned Kirsty and she came in and took Kia to the vets.
Kate and I started doing the cleaning.
Hannah arrived and spent the day grooming, she just got on without any help from us which is good she doesn’t cause any issues.
I went off to my appointment and then mum and I phoned around and drove to several places to get a comfy cone collar to put on Kia when she got home.
I arrived back and my first visitors were already here thank god they are friends and they understood the reason I was late.
I left them to spend time with their hybrid pup.
Kirsty came back with Kia who was looking worse for wear bless her, so we carried her in and left her in the kitchen so she could get her bearings safely.
My next visitors arrived and picked their puppy.
I feed everyone and stated doing the bitches and the next visitors arrived, this was prolonged so Matzi ended up in the field for ages.
Finally I came in and had a bath still not feeling too good.
I got all of my house dogs back out as I was expecting visitors at 6.30, that then changed to 7.30 so I locked all of the little dogs up at 7.20 so I could be ready for them.
At 9.30 when they arrived I was feeling very sick and had a really bad headache.
By the time I got back in and let all of the dogs out again it was gone 12 o clock before I went to bed.
When the dogs are waking up from 4 am lack of sleep with the hours of work we have to do is really not good as you cannot catch up.
Saturday was another horrible day inundated with visitors and the weather was really unpredictable.
The bitches were fed up with people in and out all day.
Also we had a girl helping out for the day and this made it hard on her as she didn’t get shown half of what we needed to do with her.
Another long day it was dark when I finished and I had an early night as I still felt terrible.

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