11th March

Sunday morning was an early start and exceptionally busy, thankfully Kate worked the morning; everyone seemed to arrive at around the same time.
Kaba the rehome dog came in and has now been homed with Dave and his family with two other wolf dogs, all is going well and kaba is happy.
Cliff and his family came to see their hybrid boy; they are very happy with him and can’t wait to take him home.
The family came to view the labradoodle pups and put a deposit on a boy.
Jan and Bill dropped in to give me loads of fresh meat.
Coosa spent the afternoon in with Idaho; they are much happier together there were no teeth snapping and fur flying today.
Lulu our poodle girl had her puppies today which is good as Kate has enough to do when I am away.
Isla came over to give me a hand for a while late afternoon then Shaun came over and we all went out to dinner.
Monday was good all went well no problems, all the puppies are doing well, the hybrid pups are getting very playful, I think the little red boy was missing his mum at the start but he has settled now.
Lobo has moved in with Mya she is Pete’s pure bred cvs female who will be staying here for three weeks while Pete is away.
She is getting on well with lobo no problems, she did look a little sad when she saw Reo go past her kennel with another female, I think she thought she was back for a repeat mating.
Tuesday was a really nice day we had a couple of visitors and still managed to get everything done without running too late.
Wednesday went well even though we seemed to be flat out all day just to make sure we finished in time for training.
I had to go out and pick up the sawdust so Kate does not run out of anything while I am away this weekend.
All the photos of the small pups had to be done and the Kennel Club paperwork for the poodle litter.
Training went very well we arrived early which gave me a chance to take C for a walk with my sister and her Hungarian Vizla, this was good for C as she has been a little wary of him in the past, I think this is because he is a big dog with a lot of presence and she felt a little intimidated by him.
Peaches was great, she is so funny, she dances around the hall looking so prim and proper, her recall is excellent she literally flies back to Kate.
Kirsty had Narla as Simon was busy, she did very well with her I think Narla gains more confidence from being trained by Kirsty as she has improved every time .
Thursday morning was very good everyone was out and cleaned very early, this gave me chance to get all Kate’s lists for the weekend done and some time on the computer for advertising.
We have had to make a few back up plans for Kiro to get a couple of areas to put her in to try and eliminate the noise while I am away, so as not to upset the neighbours and the rest of the dogs.
Echo and Rupert are also staying so I have to make everything is safe upstairs so Echo does not go visiting the poodle and her puppies.
Rupert is ok as he goes in an inside pen in the office with C.
I left at lunchtime on Friday, Steele was on her second puppy, they are ¾ CsV and ¼ Inuit.
Hannah the dog groomer has clipped most of the house dogs today and Ruebin, who might find it a bit chilly if the weather changes as he lives outside!
I checked in with Kate this evening. Steele has had 8 puppies, all dark in colour. The only issue she had encountered has been a big furry one called Coosa, who has point blank decided that he will not come in after 5 attempts! The girls have gone into their kennel and Coosa has stayed out in the field, howling for his mum. Kate has left his kennel door open with his food inside and I daresay he will come in and eat and then go back outside, hopefully he will not keep the neighbours up all night!
Saturday all went comparatively well at home, the morning cleaning was hard because of rain. All the dogs are ok, Kate was very happy to get Coosa in but not quite so happy when she found that C and Razzell had got out and gone walkabout, thankfully they both came home by themselves.
Crufts went well, but an exceptionally long day. ?I wasn’t tempted to buy too much this year, except for wormer, as most of the toys and collars were extremely overrated I did find a nice little collar for Peaches but I thought £287 was a bit expensive! So just one bag of natural treats etc for the house dogs instead.
Racheal did well with her Canadian Eskimo dogs, a first, second and third.
So to finish off the day, Wolf and I went out for a nice meal and then back to the hotel.

Kate wants to know...Where do I sit? !

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