11th January

Monday morning was a nasty wet start, I put the house dogs out and fed them, Shone and Cito stayed out and the puppies came back in.
I put Kiro away and then went down to the kennels and let two groups out and fed the puppies.
The next groups went out and I cleaned everyone and fed them.
Coosa’s group went out and I finished off in the kennel.
I burnt the rubbish and then spent some time out in the field with Coosa’s group, and then de boned their field.
Next was to spend the rest of the morning with Narla and her puppies and then the rest of the pups.
Cola has moved up to the kennel so I can get the room cleaned to move Murtle and her puppies to a bigger whelping box.
I got the dogs back out for a short time as the rain had slowed down.
Next was to cut up the chicken for lunch and then feed everyone.
Coosa’s group came in to the top kennels for food, while they were in I let Razzles group and then budds group out in the next field.
The yorkies were on the drive, I got the evening feeds ready and then let the labs and Schnauzers group out together, Cola also goes out with this group.
I had to get everyone in quickly as it started to rain so all the dogs came in and then Coosa’s group went out.
As everyone was in they all had chews and I spent an hour hoovering dust around the top of the kennels.
I hoovered the office area and then got shaving and feed from the container.
I picked up in the drive and then hosed the house puppies yard, and then a quick clean in the bottom block.
Rupert needed brushing and ears cleaned ready for Hannah coming the next day.
I brought Coosa’s group in and fed everyone.
Kennels locked up and Kiro out for the night.
I let the house dogs out and fed them and then they came in the Cito and Shone.
The evening was emails and house work.
Shone went to bed about five minutes before me, when I got up stairs Shone had eaten my new shoes, as she is suddenly becoming destructive, this has been since she had her first season.
Tuesday was an early wet start, house dogs out and then Shone and Cito stayed out the other came in.
I let the kennel dogs out and Hannah arrived so she started to groom the first group that had been out.
I had nearly finished the cleaning when the first meat delivery arrived.
I took the rubbish up and left it in the shed as it was too wet to burn anything.
Coosa, Narla and the puppies to a much larger area where the pups can play, she seems quite settled and it did not have any effect on the pups moving them.
I disinfected Narla’s old kennel and dried it out ready for the next dog.
Rosie the yorkie has now been moved on her own as she is due to have pups soon.
Hannah and I came in for a coffee at lunchtime and then I helped her groom Rupert and then he went in the bath and Hannah dried and clipped him, she was pleased she said he was really good for a change.
After Rupert Razzle was next to be groomed and he was filthy he had just come in from the field.
I cleaned the puppies room in the house and then washed the floors.
I have been spending time trying to work out a long term plan for Kiro and Reo for day time and then another kennel on the drive for when they went out, it will only be a few months before renovations should start on the house and Kiro was what will be my kitchen and dining room when the walls come down.
I also need to make sure she is not going be be anywhere that she could come into contact with any builders.
Next was to get everyone out for their last run and then feeds done, Coosa’s group came in, Hannah left and I went off to the vets to pick up drugs, on the way home I did a detour to collect my bag that I left at the hotel on the new years eve celebrations, after that I had to go shopping, I finally got home at 8 pm, dogs sorted and shopping put away.
I wrote the blog and then morning feeds and bed.

Wednesday morning was a dry start, the house puppies went out , then Shone and Cito went out while I cleaned the house puppies room. Puppies came back in and were fed, Shone and Cito stayed out. All the kennel dogs went out, cleaned and then fed. The Hybrids went out into top pen and field one. My neighbours were out so I shot off to the vets to pick up a kennel cough vaccine for Shiraz because she resumes training next week and my vet has advised that there is a lot of kennel cough in the South West, and we thought that it was best to do her to lessen the risk as I have never had kennel cough before and she will be in contact with a lot of dogs. On the way home I went to the bank and then picked up five kilos of chicken breasts for Narlas puppies. When I got home I fed everyone , let them all back out and cut up the chicken for lunchtime feeds. I did the fire and then cleaned the bottom block and then spent some time with Narla’s puppies. The floors were cleaned in the office, wet room and kitchen. I prepared the evening and morning feeds then picked up in the drive while the Labrador and Schnauzers groups were out, I brought everyone in , including the Hybrids, let everyone in , fed them and then let Kiro out for the night.
Thursday morning was very wet and windy. it was a six o’clock start as I had a busy day ahead. House dogs out in the dark, puppies back in. Cito and Shone stayed out. Narla went out briefly while I did her puppies, Kiro and Rio came in soaking wet. I went up to the kennel got everyone fed and cleaned and they all went out for a short time except for the Yorkies, they went in Coosa’s kennel as it’s bigger and gives them more to play. Coosa’s group went straight into the top kennels but they didn’t seem too keen as it was howling wind and driving rain. I picked up in the drive, opened the gates and then put Shone and Cito in the house before I went over to my sisters to drop some veterinary supplies. While I was there we arranged the training classes and schedule for the puppy class as this will be my first year of taking a puppy class under Kennel Club rules. Several cups of coffee later I was ready to come home. When I got back the rain had dried up, even though there were several large puddles on the drive, I let everyone out and then cut up the chicken for lunchtime feeds. I fed everyone, did a quick clean up and let everyone out. After Narla’s puppies had eaten their chicken I adjusted their collars and then cleaned them out again, I did the fire and put Cito and Shone out in field two. I collected some shavings from the container and then picked up in the drive ready for someone to look at puppies. While I was waiting I shredded two sacks of paper and then wrote the blog, my yorkie started having pups at a really bad time she had the first one as the viewer arrived, it was a particularly difficult whelping she was ripping the cords and constantly making them bleed.
I took all of the pups away in the hoped the cord would dry up everyone was fine when I gave them back to her and she made three of them bleed again. Dave arrived and gave me a hand to tie off one of the cords, and then I brought all of the dogs in and got them all fed and finished for the night ,Dave went and picked up Chinese for dinner while I stayed with the bitch.
When he got back I sat in the kennel with the bitch and puppies and had my dinner.
We finally got out of the kennel very late and came down to the house and let Kiro out and cleaned and fed Narla and the pups.
Lastly and much later than normal the house dogs were fed and we had an hour with the dogs before bed.

Friday morning was another wet and miserable start, house dogs done and then Kiro in, we went up to the kennel and everyone went out briefly while they were cleaned out. They came back in for food as it was too wet to feed them outside. All the yorkie puppies are looking OK. Dave cleaned up in the drive ready for the meat delivery while I put Coosa’s group out. The meat arrived I sorted the meat out and cut up sixty kilos of chicken while Dave fixed a couple of gates where the pins were worn. I swept up in the bottom block and picked up tons of leaves that had blown in. Dave checked and re-stocked the bait boxes. The rain finally stopped and all the dogs went out while we did a large fire, I did the lunchtime feeds and then we had a major tidy up and re-arrangement of the garage. Kiro went out and we gave her kennel a spring clean, Kiro came back in and then the house dogs went back on the drive. We cleaned the puppy room for the evening then we re-arranged the furniture in the lounge to give the house puppies more room to play. House dogs back in, two groups out on the drive. I cleaned the bottom block and then hosed Narla’s yard down. Dave cleaned up a tray for the house dogs toys so that they can select them easier. I prepared the feeds for the evening and the next morning and then put our dinner on while Dave prepared the vegetables. I brought all the dogs in and fed everyone, Kiro went out then I fed Narla and the puppies, timing was great, just put Narla in and within minutes we had horrendous rain and gale force winds that lasted all night. The weather was so bad that Kiro kept barking and I had to keep going out and checking on her, which was interfering with our paperwork. the paperwork was cut short due to a power cut so we had a candlelit evening.

Saturday morning we woke up after a mostly sleepless night due to the howling wind and torrential rain, all you could hear all night was banging and clattering.
Cito and Shone went in the back of the bottom block and the puppies went in the front of them, I cleaned their pen and then fed Narla and the puppies.
Kiro went in and then the house puppies came in and Shone and cito had the hole of the bottom block, Dave took their food out to them while I washed up bowls.

We went down to the kennel the rain was still coming down hard, the pens were moving, Dave did a fence repair where the bolts had come out from the continuous shagging of the metal.
I got the feeds ready and then fed everyone and let dogs out into the field and the drive.
After all the kennels were cleaned Dave picked up in the drive and just as he was finishing Wendy and Brian arrived, they had a terrible drive with the wind and rain.
I got all frozen chicken out ready for Sunday lunchtime and left the boxes up in the kennels to defrost.
Our first job was to clear everything in the drive ready for the digger drivers coming in soon to put the road plainings down and level the drive off so we are not getting puddles.
We moved several panels and rocks and then all of the small stones.
Wendy put all of the old wood we had hanging around into their van so they could take it home to burn in the chimnea.
When we had finished Wendy cooked us all a bacon bap and then we changed the solid panels at the end of the main pen on the drive to open panels so the pen would dry quicker and the wind would not cause so much movement on the panels.
We have got the panels ready to make a night area for Kiro when the house is being renovated.
All the dogs were out in between heavy showers, we had a few soakings.
Dave moved all of the wood we had on the drive over to the storage building I had over the road, it took ages as there is so much spare timber that really needs to stay dry ready for the roof on Kiro’s new pen when we build it.
After we had finished with the panels we went into the puppy room in the house and completely changed the room around and then moved the old computer unit out and put it in my new office as the door closes on it and I like things to look tidy.
We also moved then old filing cabinet out so the dogs have so much room it looks great I am really pleased with it.
Dave changed everything over and put the computer into the new cabinet and set everything up again.

We moved some things out of the house into the garage and lots of vet beds and things up to the container.
Wendy and Brian had to leave, so Dave cleaned up in the drive and I put the yorkies in the pen and then swapped dogs over and got the feeds ready for the evening and the morning feeds prepared.
Dave took Cito and Shone up and let them out in the field,
I brought the hybrid group down to the kennels and Dave put the house dogs out in the yard.

It was now 5 pm and just started to rain, so I hosed Narlas yard while Dave put the house dogs in and then got Cito and Shone back in, he took the frozen feeds up ready for the hybrids for the morning.
After I had finished hosing I fed and cleaned Narla and the puppies out and then I went up to the kennels to feed everyone while Dave sorted out some electrical stuff and washed up.
I finished in the kennels and then let Kiro and Reo out.
I came in and got the dinner ready and then wrote the blog.
The rest of the evening was doing paper work.

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