11th December

One Timberwolf hybrid puppy left to re home on The 19 Th of December.
A very wet start to the week, which has not made things very pleasant with filthy dogs and constant kennel cleaning.
Things did not seem to be getting off to a very good start this week.

I popped out quickly to get some yoghurt for the puppies and someone reversed into me as I was driving out of the car park, great stuff I was really not impressed, this then left me with two hours of phone calls to arrange an assessment on my van, by this time Kate had left, the rain had stopped and the dogs were howling their heads off waiting to go out, so hence another late finish in the wet and dark, followed by an even later night by the time I had groomed and bathed the two dogs that were going to the vets.

Rupert the poodle and Biscuit both started having problems with their ears so after some juggling I managed to get an appointment for both to go into the vets to have a general anesthetic to pluck the hair out from the ears and give them a good clean. Rupert will also be being assessed for surgery on his ear to correct a perforated eardrum.
All went well at the vets and we have decided that Rupert will have another two weeks on antibiotics and then have an ear resection.

After a hectic day Kate and I took my little hybrid puppy off the pub for a little socializing with people that are all used to young wolfdogs.
Sequi, as I have now named her, was very good until she was sick on Kate on the way home.

Thursday was very busy we introduced Siren to Cazzy and Bobby as Paul from Orkwolf kennels was coming down to pick up Caz and l didn’t want Bobby to be in a kennel on her own, there was a lot of noise and playing with the three of them but they finally settled down and now its just the two of them.
I am really pleased with Bobby she has made real progress since she has been here she will make a fantastic pet for the right people, she loves kids and introduced to the right male dog she will be fine, she can live in or out.
Paul has also picked his hybrid puppy, a big Alpha male from Tarna and Matzi called Shikoba.
After everything was done we all went out for a really nice Indian meal and came home bursting at the seams.

Tarna has made a good recovery with her spinal injury she is now down to 3 steroids a day and she can go out in a flat yard with her mum D’Quilla, hopefully in another week she will be allowed back out on exercise in the field.
Lycan is now ok after her few days of being lame where she banged her leg.

Idaho is happy as the other hybrid puppies have now moved down into the bottom whelping area she can have her inside kennel back, she has given the kennel a full investigation including the roof sheeting when she was hanging from the top of the panels checking out where the heat lamp had been hung for the pups.

Sunday should have been an easy day but no far from it, Doodle the yorkie had her puppies early hours of the morning all went well but 4 male yorkies was not quite what I had hoped for.
Bonny was very stressed looking like maybe she would start having her pups soon, then she barked for an hour solid so I knew what was coming, I had thought with Wendy, Brian, Kate and myself things would not be to bad but that was not quite the case, first off Dora came out of the kennel with holes all over her legs looking like a sieve, she has now been moved to another kennel were she can recover.
We went to start cleaning in the bottom block and we had no water, the pipe had split underground, great just bloody great.
I had plans to go out to dinner with my son and his dad tonight as its his dads birthday, thankfully Brian exposed the leaks by breaking out the concrete with a bolster and then Kelvin came in late in the afternoon to do a temporary repair on the pipe until we can get the right connections.
Bloody water everywhere, the rain has not stopped but no water in the tap where I need it, these things are sent to try me and quite honestly today I could have done without it.

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