11th August

Sunday morning was a 3.30 am chorus of poodles and wolf dogs howling, no matter what they were not going to shut up and the weather was a joke, the rain was constant, I was in my dressing gown and drowned, what a lovley start to my birthday, I felt like a zombie.
I fed everyone their chicken carcases and fed the house dogs and Coosa pups.
I put the first two groups out and left them out to get soaked for 45 minutes but then relented as they started howling again.
I did all the puppy feeds and had a coffee and got some dry clothes on.
Sam arrived and we fed the pups and cleaned them all out.
All the little dogs came out and were fed, while we cleaned them out.
Sam did the pups in the house while I went up and cleaned a couple of the top kennels.
Sam came up and we started Idaho and I had to leave her to sweep and towel dry the pen as I had a customer arrive to pick up her puppy and Lulu our poodle that has just weaned her last litter has gone back to her owners to be spayed next month.
As they were trying to leave the rain was so hard they ended up waiting another quarter of an hour before they could get out of the door.
Before they left the next people arrived to look at puppies, they were here for a while as they didn’t really know what they looking for.
Sam finished off cleaning up the top and then fed the puppies and did the odd jobs.
After they left my nephew and his cousin came over with a card, I finally got to open my card and presents.
I fed the kennel dogs their bones late as they annoyed me by getting me up so early.
Next I fed all the little dogs their chicken carcasses and hosed the labs yard.
It was musical dogs all afternoon with the rain.
Cito, C, and Shone went out and I moved the Coosa pups into the yard while we had a dry spell and cleaned their pen.
When they came in shone and Narla went out and I re cleaned all the pups.
Mum made late lunch and sorted out the bills to be paid and cheques to be signed.
I cleaned Coosa day pen and shut him out in the field and then Kiro’s pen while she was out.
I fed the bitches and pups and cleaned all the yards, Coosa and Matzi’s groups stayed out for a couple of hours while we had dinner.
Shone and Narla stayed in with the Coosa pups eating bones.
I checked and re cleaned all the pups and brought the house dogs in and then went on the computer for a while before bed.
I had been in bed an hour when the poodles in the house started howling, yes howling I came down and shut them up, back to bed, 4 am Narla started banging on the gate she wanted to go to the toilet, so up again and put her out.
4.30 am the kennel dogs and Coosa pups started howling, so that was the start of my day, pouring down with rain, I was soaked so I let the top kennel dogs out in the field and let them get drowned before I fed them all a 1lb of tripe, then down to the house for coffee and get some dry clothes on.
This was Monday morning; I am not sure where Sunday night’s sleep went.
I let the house dogs out and fed them and got the feeds ready for the puppies.
The rain was unbelievable; the dogs were not impressed in the slightest.
Maddi arrived she is doing some voluntary work with us for a while as she has a keen interest in wolf dogs and wants to learn as much about the different natures of all the lines to decided what she wants from her dog and if she prefers Czech or Saarloos lines.
I had finished the house dogs and we moved straight on to the whelping areas.
After we had fed and cleaned all of them we put all the bottom groups of dogs out in the yards and fed them.
I put two groups out up the top and came back down to show maddie what we needed to do with the pens, she cleaned out a couple of kennels and did water buckets while I cleaned the others.
We went up and cleaned the top kennels and Idaho; thankfully she was not too dirty.
Maddie managed to take out Moon, Reo, A’Lupa and Kiro all on leads without any problems.
Everyone was fed and then we came down and let Narla and Shone out and cleaned the Coosa pups and the yards.
Narla is good with Maddie so that makes life easier, she can put her in the field and get her back in.
The morning went really quickly and now it was lunchtime feeds, Maddie fed some of the pups and cleaned them out again.
It was difficult as I was trying to write her notes while sorting out builders, puppy exports and sales.
Maddie left and Kate came round with Milly, she gave me a hand for a while and did some microchip registrations and insurances.
I fed the little dogs and house dogs, then swapped over dogs again.
I had a couple of calls to make get materials and sort stuff out with mother.
I got the frozen feeds ready and left them in the freezer for the morning.
I started cleaning yards and changing water buckets.
I had everyone in and fed by 6 am as I had to leave to go out and look at kennel panels, I got lost trying to find some way out farm; I bought the panels and now need to find a way to get them picked up.
I got home and cleaned out the puppies, my phone did not stop from 8 pm until 10.30.
I let the house dogs out for the last toilet and did the morning feeds before bed at 11.45.
12.30 the house dogs started barking I came down and shut them up, 4 am the outside dogs started, so I gave up and slept in the top kennel until 6.30.
I let two groups out up the top, came down and fed the Coosa pups and let the house dogs out.
Shone was obviously not happy she had made the worse mess I have ever seen in the cage in my bedroom, I rolled up the blankets and threw them straight in the bin and cleaned the cage.
I fed the house dogs and got the food ready for the bitches and pups.
I had breakfast as I was up so early.
I cleaned out the pups in the house and then Maddie arrived so we fed and cleaned all the rest of the puppies and bitches all fed.
We then went up the top and brought the dogs in from the field and cleaned their kennels; we were running around 45 minutes late which is not good at that time of day.
After they were finished we cleaned the yards and then fed the pups.
Maddie went home and I have numerous phone calls to sort out and trying to get 20 bags of self-levelling compound, micky got 14 and Brian got 8 so hopefully we have got enough for the top kennel when we tile two pens up there after we move into the new building.
The meat delivery had arrived so we sorted that out and got it all frozen and burnt the boxes.
I spent an hour up at the kennel with builders and the guys putting in the drain in the middle of the kennel.
When I came back in I swapped over dogs in the field and then Wendy and Brian arrived with the tilers stuff and to put up a new gutter on one of the bottom yards.
Wendy helped me and came up with a few inspirations for different things we are planning with the little dogs and Coosa pups going out into the garden.
My phone was constantly ringing for unsuitable people wanting puppies and a few looking for older dogs.
I cleaned all of the yards down and fed all of the pups, everyone was in by 7 pm.
We went off to pick up the panels I had bought in Brian’s van, which was a slight disaster as they did not fit, so back to the drawing board on how to get them home.
We got home expecting to have to go and meet micky our builder to unload his van as he had broken down, that didn’t happen either the AA took 7 hours to get him home, which should have been a 1 ½ 2 hour trip at the most.
We got in and let all the dogs out Wendy and Brian left and I was on phone calls for two hours.
I finally got off the phone and did the frozen feeds and the biscuit feeds for the next morning; I went to bed at 12.30.
Wednesday morning I was woken up by the howling so I put Shone straight out in the yard with Narla, fed them and the Coosa pups.
I fed and let everyone out in the top kennel, and cleaned all their kennels and back down to the house at 6 am and let Shone and Narla up to the field.
I fed all the house dogs and got everyone’s food ready for when Sam arrived, I did the bitches and pups in the house.
We fed and cleaned all the whelping areas and disinfected all the yards.
I left Sam to sort out the odd jobs while I went out and got some shavings.
Hannah was here grooming the little dogs.
I had a puppy viewing and then the chap from Kennel build came down to do the final measurements before making all the kennels to bring down and fit.
Micky was here levelling the floors in three of the rooms in the new kennel, the steel fabricators were fitting the drain and the tiler was here.
I was back and forth helping Sam and sorting out things with the builders.
We did the lunch time feeds and then the lady came down from Wales and bought A’Lupa, so she is now in her new home.
Sam left for a few hours.
Kirsty was here as we had things to sort out on training programs and which dogs were going with who when we move some of them.
I put Matzi out for a couple of hours so I could be in the new kennel with Mike finalising last minute things.
After I had got Matzi in Sam was back so she carried on with cleaning outside pens and feeding while I had a lady here for a few hours looking at hybrids.
After she had left I did the frozen feeds for the next day, and the biscuit feeds for the morning.
Narla and Shone were out in the field and Coosa was still out, I got them in at 8 pm and moved all the dogs to inside kennels.
The puppies were all re cleaned and Sam left.
I finished off outside and came in at 9.30.
Thursday morning was an early start and just as hectic as the day before, so far this week has been unbelievable busy.
All the dogs had been out in the field and fed by the time Sam arrived.
We fed the pups and done all the whelping areas, I had to go down to the new build as there was so much to get done in there and sort out different things.
Michelle came over so we met Kirsty and went out for breakfast and walked two of the Coosa pups.

Red Girl

Out for a walk

That smells good

Walking with Leo

We went around the park through the trading estate and back up the main road, the pups were great they both loved Kirsty’s Staffordshire bull terrier; he is such a good dog he is like a rock for puppies.
The pups stopped and spoke to other dogs and to people quite happily.
We got home and did the feeds for the pups and fed the Coosa pups.
I helped Sam for a bit and then she left, I fed the little dogs.
Kirsty came down and we sat in the pen with the pups for an hour as we were all so tired no one could be bothered to move so Michelle took some pictures.
After Kirsty left I swapped over dogs and took Michelle up to see Coosa, he remembers her from when he was a puppy, he came running down the field and sniffed her and then he shoved her foot quite hard with his nose, it made her jump, this is what he does to Kirsty.
I find it funny, he has such a character, and then he comes up and jumps on me and gives me a kiss.
I moved Rainn in with Reo to give him some company for a while until Rainn goes to her new home, this made him happy.
Everyone went out for their last run and then I locked them up at 9.30 washed the yards, did the last puppy check and came in for dinner.
I spent an hour on the computer and then bed.
Friday morning all the pups and everyone was fed by 7.30, Sam came in and she was very sick most of morning, but we were so busy she could not go home.
We did all the bottom groups and pups, then up to the top and cleaned everyone and let them out again.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted that out the phone was nonstop from 6.45 am it was driving me mad.
Kirsty came down and picked up one of the puppies and took her out for a walk with Leo and then back to her house for a while to play with the other dogs.
I had a family come and visit their puppy on route to their holiday.
Sam put dogs in and out while I answered emails and phone calls, and then she cleaned the whelping area and burnt the rubbish.
Sam did the odd jobs while I sorted out paper work and who needs vaccinating next.
We fed the pups and then cleaned down all of the yards.
Sam left and I fed the house dogs and the lab and poodle group.
Kirsty came back with the puppy and spent quite some time here with people viewing hybrids, she brought Lupus with her and he played with Shone, Narla and the puppies.
I went out in the field for a while and spent some time with coosa as he gets funny if he does not get enough attention, he won’t come in when you call him he sits and looks at you so I have to then go and put him on a lead and bring him in.
I gave him a brush and found a horrible cyst on the side of his face and had to get it all cleaned out he was very good he didn’t move, and after I had got all the mucky stuff out and cleaned it he gave me a big cuddle.
He is a little sad as I have moved Rainn out so he has chance to get used to her not being around so much, she leaves next month.
I popped up to the new kennel to get some measurements and get the door linings ordered.
I had a tidy up in the garage and made another list of stock that needs to be ordered next week.
I fed the pups and cleaned them out and locked them all up for the night.
I did the frozen feeds and then let the last group of dogs out.
Everyone was in by 9 pm, I had dinner and spent time with the house dogs before bed.
Saturday morning I let shone Narla and Cito out in the yard and went straight up to the top kennel as they were howling I let everyone out up there and fed and cleaned out three kennels.
I came back down and let all the house dogs out and fed them, while they were eating I went out and started feeding and cleaning out puppies.
Next was the poodle group and Razzles group out in the yard for feeds, I cleaned them all out and then brought the dogs in from the field.
Nathan came and put the under floor heating in the wet room in the new kennel and put my new computer chair together that he bought me for my birthday, its great much better than the last chair I had.
Simon the carpenter came and took some more measurement and brought the thresh holds so they are here for the tiler on Monday.
I had a puppy viewing but it was a waste of time, thankfully I worked that out quite quickly and they left so I didn’t waste too much of my time on them.
I cleaned the yards and then fed the puppies and the little dogs and house dogs; I was running a bit late as I was on my own.
Kirsty came down for a chat and picked up one of the puppies and has taken her home for a while as she can spend more time with her than I can at the moment.
I had half an hour on the computer and sorted out emails and downloaded all the paper work for the outside drainage for the new kennel.
I spent the next couple of hours just swapping over dogs in the field and doing odd jobs.
I did the frozen feeds and dry feeds for the morning and then had dinner.
I got matzi in and Coosa , I locked everyone up and left the gates open for Narla and Shone, fed the Coosa pups and came in and did the blog.
I finally sat down at 10 pm.

Three girls

Red girl


Narla looking at the camera

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