Wolfzones weekly update.

Congratulations to Mandy and Sakari our wonderful girl is the first ever British Inuit to pass her level three in Search and Rescue. {SAR}.
Mandy has her reservations about her own abilities but never doubted Sakari.
Well done to both of them.
Next it would be great to see Mandy and Ace one of our special British wolfdogs doing as well as Sakari.

I have recently sold another Wolfdog pup called Leto who is destined for the SAR team.
He was picked by me with high hopes for Leto and Oli his new owner to join the Berkshire SAR team in the future.

Dora our Saarloos girl has been mated to Matzi our Timber wolf hybrid so another exciting litter to look forward to in a couple of months.
There may possibly be one or two pups not yet ordered.
Only genuine enquiries for this litter please make sure you understand to commitment to owning a hybrid dog.

Shaun and Isla have just run a five-day course this week and James is delighted with his puppy Shaun has selected for him.

Crystal has gone to her new home today with a very nice couple already owning Malamutes and a Siberian husky.
I am sure Crystal will be very happy in her new pack.

Its been a busy weekend with visitors wanting to meet the Shoshone pack and make enquiries to meeting Shaun and attending one of the courses.

If you are thinking of owing a wolfdog in the future you are welcome to visit and meet the different types of dogs here.

Zodi and Nooks puppies are doing well both litters are thriving.

Nook is starting to be weaned from her puppies which she is enjoying having more time to herself,Reo is happy as Crystal was his kennel mate nook has taken her place.

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