10th October

Well at the beginning of this week I felt like the weather absolutely atrocious I had the migraine from hell and some god awful flu, thankfully Kate, Kirsty and Mum held the fort for a couple of days.
The weather then turned in our favor and has been glorious which has been really nice.
The builders have had a good week and the progress has been good on the new building.
One of the nook females went this week so I only have one female left and three males.

Kodi has a couple of males and one female pup left; they are ready to go now.

It has been a boring week on getting the paper work done for pups leaving.
I much prefer to be out with my dogs than stuck in the office.
I think I need a secretary.

It has been a little stressful waiting for my chocolate lab to have her Labradoodle puppies this week, they should have been here last Saturday so come Wednesday I was majorly concerned and having to check her every two hours during the night has taken its toll on my sleep.
On Thursday evening she decided it was time for the puppies to be born probably the shock of my driving to the vets, anyway mum and babies all doing really well and color wise not what I was expecting but all the same I am very happy with them.
Doodle the yorkie would like to adopt Bisto’s puppies as well as her own but Bisto puts her head over the pups every time she see’s the little yorkie poke her nose into her whelping box.

Vicci has come up on Friday to do the kennels for me as I have been off to Bristol to deliver puppies and Cujo our adult ¾ Saarloos who is now off to live in Orkney with Paul and his family.
We had a nice meeting in Bristol with Paul and other new puppy owners it was great to meet up with Paul again and to meet his two boys, the boys were a pleasure to meet and I am sure they made the long haul back to Orkney easier for Cujo.
I trekked back to Taunton for a visit to mums and a night away form the kennels not totally dog free as Kia my very special bitch came with me.

Sunday morning off to Weymouth as my son raced his motocross bike at the Weymouth beach race, it was a fantastic day with Nathan being placed 3 rd overall that was the high note to finish off my weekend away.

A Hugh thank you to Vicci and Kirsty with out the two of them this weekend would not have been possible.
It was nice to come home to everything at the kennel to have run smoothly and the high standard of cleaning to have been maintained in my absence.

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