10th November

Sunday morning early was so wet I had to feed Shone ,Narla and River in the bottom block, when the rain stopped I moved them up to the top and put them in the field with the other three girls.
Reo went out and I came back down and put the house dogs out and did the feeds.
I brought the house dogs in and fed them, and then started on the first group of puppies in the front whelping area, Maddie arrived and then we moved on to the next puppies and bitches.
Razzle and Budds group were fed and went out while we cleaned their pens.
We went up to the top and cleaned Reo’s kennel and the hybrids inside pen, they came in and Coosa and Kiro went out while we did their pens and the back of the hybrid run. I left Maddie to dry it while I went down and sorted the next lot of washing.
I did my emails while Maddie cleaned the house dog’s pens and then I cleaned the bottom yards while Maddie did the bottom block.
I got all of the chicken for the little dogs cut up early as the weather was very unpredictable and I wanted to get them fed quickly when it was dry.
I got the frozen feeds done for the next morning.
Maddie fed the puppies while I fed the little dogs their chicken, all the frozen feeds were taken up to the top kennel ready for the morning.
All of the dogs went in for an hour as the rain as persistent and they had been out for a long time anyway.
I hoovered the downstairs and sorted out my statement for the bank regarding the fraud of my cheques stolen by Sam the girl who worked here a short time ago.
I had lunch and made a couple of phone calls.
Next all the yards were cleaned and the little dogs came out in separate groups to the bottom block so they could have an hour out before being locked in for the night.
I cleaned Coosa’s outside pen and the hybrids outside pen and then brought everyone in and locked them up.
I fed the puppies out and re cleaned them, everyone was finished by 5.30.
I had lists of stuff to write out ready for the morning with all of the drainage work going on.
Monday morning I started early, Kiro and Reo went out so I could clean both of their pens ready for them to come back into.
I let the house dogs out and did all of the feeds, house dogs came in and I started cleaning out the puppies and feeding them.
Amy arrived and we got all of the puppies and little dogs cleaned and fed.
We went up to the top and brought Reo and Kiro in and fed them.
Coosa and the hybrid six went out, I washed their pens and left Amy to dry them while I went to sort out what the drain guys needed.
I was with them for an hour and then Amy came down and we cleaned the bottom yards and got the feeds ready for the little dogs as I was spending so much time running back and forth to sort out stuff with the builders.
After the yards were cleaned the dogs all came back out to have their chicken carcasses.
Coosa was being vocal so he had to come in and go in the top pen so he could watch the little dogs in the yard below this kept him quiet.
The builders needed the water for 7 hours to fill the treatment plant up so I did not have any water to wash the yards down for the evening.
I was on the phone chasing orders for building stuff and we are still waiting for the holding tank which we need dimensions for so the digger driver knows what size hole to dig for that to go in.
I got some pictures of the puppies and then phoned the vet and ordered the vaccines as 75 % of my dogs are due boosters in December.
The dogs all stayed out late as the weather was nice and dry.
I got the feeds done for the evening and then did the frozen feeds for the morning.
I fed everyone and locked them up just after dark, I re cleaned all the puppies and shut them up just after 6 pm.
Shone, River and Narla came down to the house for the night.
Tuesday morning was a really wet and windy start I took the three hybrids straight up to the top and put them in covered pen until we had got everyone done down the bottom.
I put the house dogs out in the bottom block and did the feeds for everyone else.
Amy arrived and we did the bitches and puppies, we cleaned them all out and changed vet beds and then went up to the top kennel and put Reo out we cleaned his kennel and then brought him straight back in as the rain was so bad he was soaked and dripping in mud.
Kiro went out next and we did her pen next and brought her back in.
Coosa and the hybrids went out and the hybrids were back in as soon as we had cleaned their pens.
I went off to pick up Dan to drive the dumper and then back out again to the builder’s merchants.
When I got home Amy had an unfortunate altercation with Kiro so it looks like I will be putting Kiro in and out from now on.
Amy fed the puppies and I was outside with the builders sorting out stuff.
The afternoon was terrible the rain did not give up all day so I was alternating dogs in the bottom block all afternoon.
I had a meat delivery and got that all sorted out and the frozen feeds done for the morning.
In-between fetching stuff for the builders and making phone calls I was putting the dogs out whenever the rain stopped for long enough but I seemed to time it wrong and got soaked every time, by the end of the day I had really had enough of mud and rain.
I gave everyone double the amount of straw to normal just to dry them off.
I locked all of the dogs up and fed the puppies so I was in just after 5 pm but it didn’t feel like I had finished early.
Wednesday morning was yet another horrible start I put Shone and Narla up to a covered yard at the top and let the house dogs out while I did the food, Maddie texted to say the bus was running late and she was soaked and not very happy.
I fed all of the house dogs and started to fed and clean out the bitches and pups.
Maddie arrived and we moved each group from the bottom into the bottom block to eat while we cleaned them out and changed vet beds on the bitches and pups.
Nathan arrived to do some of the electrics on the new tanks that we have and Mick arrived to do some more plumbing, it was chaos with trying to park vans everywhere and not get in the way of the diggers and dumpers.
After they were finished we went up and cleaned all the dogs at the top and I left Maddie to dry the kennels while I went to get some more pipe fittings and shavings.
I picked up Dan to drive the dumper when I was out; when I got back I cut up all the chicken and fed the little dogs a bit earlier than normal as it was dry for a short time.
All the house dogs were fed so Maddie went and unloaded and cleaned out the cages in my van ready for training.
I spoke to Kate to make sure when she came to look after the dogs that she wore willies just to get in to the house as it is like a mud pit outside now.
I spent ages on the phone trying to get hold of 60 tons of road planings to try and get the drive back to normal, unfortunately this time of year the planings are very short and prices are silly.
Maddie cleaned the yards while I was doing other things with the kennel building.
I got all my training stuff ready and put it in the van as we knew we were going to have to walk down the main road and load dogs at the far end of the drive when we want to get the van out.
I did the puppy fed and Maddie fed them while I got the top groups of dogs in and fed them before locking them up for the night.
I brought Narla, shone and River down and left them in the bottom block while I got changed ready to go.
Maddie locked the house dogs up and we went off to load the dogs.
I got to training with reasonable time to spare which was nice it meant we didn’t have to rush.
We got set up and I brought River in early to settle down, I am not sure what happened as she had only been in the hall five minutes with Daisy and she messed all over the floor that was a nice start.
Things did improve from there thankfully, all went well and we had a good training session with no hiccups.
Shone was very good in the silver class I really couldn’t fault her; her recalls are great they are completely straight and at a good speed.
I was even happier when she travelled all the way their and back with no mess and so did River.
I got home and put the dogs out and checked on my poodle who was due to have puppies, she started whelping at 12.30 and had the last one at 5.30 am so no sleep for me I felt rough and knowing I was going out on Thursday evening was filling me with dread, I had to go to Taunton and drop off my van for a service and was meeting mum for a meal.

Thursday morning I did the feeds for the house dogs and put the hybrids and Reo’s groups out in the field so when Maddie arrived we could get straight on with the bitches, pups and little dogs, I was grateful that the rain had not started even though you could see it was going to, so we got them all out and fed and cleaned.
All the vet beds were in the wash so we went up and cleaned all of the top kennels and burnt the rubbish.
I left Maddie drying them so I could sort out some more things with the builders; Kirsty got us out of the sh1 with a man to drive the dumper as we were still moving tons of earth.
I had to pop out and pick up some plumbing bits and milk.
Next it was time to feed the little dogs and the house dog’s their chicken.
The afternoon dogs went out in the field for just over an hour each group.
I fed the puppies and the bitches and washed all of the outside pens and locked everyone up, I had to go to Taunton to drop my van off for a service.
I met mother and we went for a meal then back home to let all of the dogs out again.
Friday morning was a wet start I put Shone and Narla out in the top pen and came down and put the house dogs out and did the feeds for everyone , Maddie arrived and we did the bitches and pups, we put each group out in the bottom block while we cleaned their pens.
We went up to the top and cleaned their pens; it took quite a while as we put each group out individually.
I left Maddie drying the pens while I started the house dogs and caught up with the washing.
Mum was doing my paper work and answering the phone.
I sorted out all of the deliveries of stone and gravel for the builders.
I then up packed and froze all of the meat.
I fed the puppies their lunch and the little dogs all had the chicken carcasses.
Next Maddie and I cleaned the bottom block and dried it.
I washed Budds and Razzles yards down and filled the water buckets ready for the morning.
All the dry feeds were ready for the evening.
The dogs all stayed in for an hour while the rain hammered down, so it gave me a chance to get the paper work sorted out, when that was finished I let everyone out for a quick wee and then got everyone in and fed them.
All the puppies were fed and locked up and off I went again to Taunton to pick up my van.
I stopped on the way home and got my shopping and then back home to put all of the dogs out again before bed.
Saturday morning I did the house dogs and Amy put Shone and Narla up the top.
Brian and Wendy arrived to help out and do odd jobs and bring me loads of newspapers as we were getting very low.
I did the feeds for the house dogs and the puppies, we cleaned them all out and changed the vet beds, the weather was on and off raining so the dogs were in and out like yoyo’s.
Coosa and the hybrid six stayed out while we cleaned all of the pens, Wendy burnt the rubbish.
I left Amy to dry the pens while I loaded puppies for Kate to deliver and then we went out for breakfast as Wendy decided I needed cheering up she was right it was nice to get out for an hour and have some nice food.
We came home and unloaded the shopping from my van and fed the puppies.
I wrote the blog while Amy carried on and cleaned yards, Wendy and Brian did some tiding up outside ready for the drive to be put back to some sort of normality next week.
They had a pallet load of slate to move, all of my plants that mother has been growing for me and then Brian cut up all the old pallets and we burnt about 15 of them and cleared the whole bottom part of the drive by the garage, all we have left is the old mesh panels that will go in the concrete when we put the new yard outside of the new kennel.
Amy disinfected the bottom block and I hosed it off then Wendy came alone and scraped and dried it.
I did the feeds for the house dogs and the little dogs and then I had a family come to look at puppies.
Thankfully the family were very understanding of the state of the drive as I had explained to them on the phone could they please wear willies.
I had a very high rate customer this week pull out of a sale as I explained to them when they paid their deposit that we were having a lot of work done and there would be a few days where it would not be safe to let any visitors view dogs.
I give up trying to work people out, I had another customer this week had bought a doodle pup from me and said the pup was great but he has re homed it as he is not a dog person, he only has the puppy five days and also told me the puppy had not put a paw wrong, the puppy is probably better off with someone else.
That’s my moaning finished about horrible people; I have said it numerous times that is why I am a dog person and not a people person.
The best part of my day is when the kennels are closed and I can ignore the phone and just get quality time with my dogs.
I locked everyone up and fed the bitches and pups and then checked on the fire and spent the rest of the evening with my dogs in peace.

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