10th May

Sunday morning was another wet start I put the house dogs out and Reo and Kiro in.
I cleaned the house dog’s room and then went up to the top kennels to let the Labradors and Teeko out.
I fed them in the back of Coosa’s pen and cleaned and towel dried their kennel.
I put the house dogs in with their food.
Up to the kennel to let everyone out and feed them and clean the kennels.
After everyone was done I left Coosa’s kennel with disinfectant down to soak, I did the fire and then let the Labradors out into field one.
I went back down and put Cito and Shone in the bottom block and then picked up in the drive and went to open the gates as I had people coming soon.
I got up to the top gate and could hear a strange noise something was hitting the wire trying to get out, Coosa’s group were running up and down the fence line in field two and the sheep over the valley were going mad screaming and running around the field.
I heard a dog yipping and knew all mine were here nothing could be out as I could see the main five of the hybrids.
I went out through the gates and then saw the Roe deer in field three, I opened all of the gates and got the deer out and then back down to the house to ring the farmer, as I went to the house I saw to ladies walking dogs out of the gate where the sheep had been going mad so I stopped and asked them if they had just walked through the field they said yes but their dogs stayed on the lead!
I rang Graham and told him what had been going on so he went off to check the sheep and then my customers arrived to see puppies.
After they left I put the labs back in and Coosa’s group in field one and the top pen area and then Cito and Shone out in field two.
I locked up the gates and Budds group in the drive while I soaked the puppy food ready for lunch time feeding.
After everyone was fed I got the frozen chicken out for the next day and then the rain came down really hard so everyone went in for an hour, I caught up on my emails and then wrote the blog.
The rain just got heavier so I went down to the house and got tonight’s dinner ready in the hopes that it would stop and brighten up a bit later.
The rain stopped so I went out with the yorkies and Peaches I was picking up in the drive and pulling out weeds that were starting to grow, we got up to the gate and the heavens opened, by the time we ran back to the kennel we were all soaked.
I checked emails and then got the feeds ready for later, Narla and Siren went out as it looked like everyone was going to get a quick run and food before bed time.
After everyone had been out I fed the labs and let them out while I cleaned their pen and then the rain came again so they went in and I hosed two of Coosa’s group’s day pens and then brought them in and fed them.
Kiro and Reo out on the drive and the house dogs in for the night.
Bank holiday Monday
I was looking forward to today I deliberately did not book anyone in to see puppies as I wanted a nice quiet day with the dogs and no visitors.
The only person I had intended to see was going to be Kirsty if she needed to pop in with one of Jess’s pups.
I put the house dogs out and then Kiro and Reo in.
I let the labs into the back pen and fed them and then let them out in field one.
I put the hpuse dogs in with food and then up to the kennel and got everyone fed and cleaned and out.
I checked my emails and then soaked all the bowls from the kennel.
Coosa’s group were in field two and then Cito and Shone went out in the garden and bottom block.
I did the fire and then cleaned the lab pen and towel dried it.
I pulled out some weeds and sticky weed from along the paddock fence, Coosa was trying to dig along the fence and help me, until he put his head through the wire and pulled my hair, I told him I was not happy and now I was going to weed somewhere else.
I finished off the weeding along the bank.
I got the chicken out for the next day and then cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds today.
I cleaned the house poodle’s room and then washed all of the vet beds from the puppies, it was quite windy so I got them out on the line to dry off before putting them in the drier to make them soft.
I took some more pictures of the puppies to email.
I fed everyone their chicken for lunch time feeds and then had lunch and a chat with Kate on the phone.
Kirsty popped in for an hour with one of the puppies she is hand rearing, poor little mite has a big struggle on her paws if she is going to live it will be against all odds.
We had a coffee and did a little bit of research and then Kirsty went home and I let the next groups of dogs out and brought the washing in.
It was just starting to spit with rain so I got the bitches in after a short time as everyone needed to get out and stay as dry as possible.
I let the labs out in the field and then fed them before putting them in their kennel for the night.
I made up the evening feeds and then morning feeds and soaked the puppy food.
Everyone went back out for a run, I went out with the yorkie and Schnauzer group as the yorkies pick on them.
I fed everyone and then Peaches came in the office with me to get a break from the pups.
I brought Coosa’s group in and went in for dinner.
I fed the house poodles and brought Cito and Shone in for the night.
Tuesday morning
The house dogs went out and then the labs went in the back pen with food.
Kiro and Reo in for the day.
I did all of the kennel dogs and then changed the vet beds and lit the fire.
I put Shone and Cito out in the field and the poodles in the bottom yards.
Meat delivery arrived so I sorted out the chicken for the lunch time feeds.
I got a phone call to say one of my owners had lost their hybrid she had escaped the evening before, I rang Kirsty and told her we both fed our dogs early.
I met Kirsty for lunch as she had a meeting with vet {not our vet} this was Jess’s vet who did the c section on his bitch and then lost the litter of puppies.
After the meeting we both went home and sorted out our dogs knowing we were now in for a long day.
We drove up to Wolverhampton in horrid weather, we arrived at the owners address who had lost the hybrid pup Fern, we had just pulled up and a girl said are you coming to look for the dog, her mother and brother had just 2 minutes before we arrived chased the puppy across the field into a stream.
We got our dogs out as we took Shone and Lupus with us we walked across the fields into the stream and followed the stream right down to the road.
The owners then arrived as they had spent the day in the hospital with their son.
We decided to take different paths so we walked for several hours through fields and thick undergrowth in the forest.
The owners walked along the hedge line and then the owner took his wife home as she became unwell.
Not once did we get a sighting of Fern which was a real shame and very disappointing, we had a terrible drive home the weather was awful we were very tired, cold wet and hungry, we felt very sad not to have been able to find Fern.
When we got home just after 1 am we both had different things to do but we knew it did not matter how we felt we still had to work through the night.
I had all of my dogs to feed clean and exercise, I finished at 5 am and then started again a couple of hours later.
I felt terrible, headache, tired and did not feel like eating until 4 pm.
Wednesday morning was wet and windy it was a horrible day to wake up to, everything took longer than usual.
I did the normal morning routine and then I went to pick up some life stage puppy food for the bitches with pups.
I got home and cut up the chicken for lunch time feeds.
Everyone went out for a good run in the afternoon.
I had all of yesterday’s emails to catch up on and then got the feeds ready for the evening.
I had everyone in by 8 pm as I really felt I could not work any longer.
Thursday morning was another horrible wet start.
House dogs done and then the labs out and cleaned. Kiro and Reo back in and then the kennel dogs all done.
I did the fire and then let Cito and shone into the bottom block for a while before going out into the field.
I let all of the little dogs out for a good run and then went out to lunch with my sister and her dog sitter George, we had a really nice meal and then I came home and fed everyone.
My chicken carcasses had been delivered so I alternated dogs and cut up kilos of chicken.
The afternoon was taken up with cutting up meat and swapping dogs around.
I was on and off the phone with the owners of my hybrid puppy that was still missing
I cleaned all of the yards and then did the evening feeds, I finished at 8.30 outside and then fed the house dogs.
Friday morning was another wet start, house dogs done and then the lab group went out and I cleaned their kennel.
Kiro and Reo in.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates Hannah arrived to groom, I left the gates open as the meat delivery was due to arrive around 9 am.
I got all of the kennel dogs done and cleaned, I was doing the fire when the meat arrived, not so much chicken mainly bones today, I sorted out the meat and then the first of three visitors arrived to view puppies and my hybrid boy Teeko.
After everyone had gone I fed all of the dogs and Hannah helped me with microchipping the puppies.
I spoke to my neighbour and then Kirsty a couple of times trying to plan going back up to Wolverhampton on Sunday if the puppy hybrid had not been found, travelling up and down the country is really difficult when you can’t get anyone to let your own dogs out a couple of times and feed the puppies, it was unfortunate that Brian has his hand in plaster or he would have driven down and Wendy would have done my dogs.
I had emails, paper work and bills piling up that needed to be sorted out and then stuff the accountant wanted so I had a quick chat with Dave.
Everyone had their lunch time feeds.
I cleaned one of the yards by the house as I really didn’t want to have to do all of them late evening as I would still be outside at 9 pm.
I spent a short time with Hannah having a chat and then I had some time with Rupert doing his ears as they have been playing him up this week.
I was on the phone when I saw Sarah’s number come up and got straight off the phone and spoke to her and to Jono her partner she gave me the best news ever Fern was home safe and sound, a few minor cuts and scrapes and a couple of kilo’s lighter but none the less home.
I rang Kirsty immediately she was so happy, this week again Kirsty has been my rock we helped each other through a really rough week with Fern missing and Kirstys bulldog puppy dying, it has been hard but true friends step up when the going gets tough and you couldn’t have asked anymore, I have so much to thank Kirsty for she is an amazing person I am very lucky to a friend that will do so much to help when something goes wrong and she will turn her life upside down to help a dog in need.
Wendy has been great ringing up to check and make sure I am ok.
I told Hannah who was really pleased.

Photos of Fern

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