10th March

Last Sunday was Lisa Sam and I we had a really cold start the frost was very heavy and the taps were mostly frozen for the first few hours.
I had finished the house dogs when they arrived
We did the bitches and pups and got everything done down the bottom.
Sam did the yorkies and the washing while Lisa and I did the top groups.
After they were all out we did the bottom groups as we had to carry water for the bottom two pens.
All of the wolf dogs and top groups were fed.
We were rushing as we should have had visitors at 11 am but they did not turn up or bother to ring.
We did the lunch time feeds and took pictures of the Taska pups and the unsold cockapoo puppies.
We then moved all the un sold pups to the web cam whelping area and put Yabbie in with Razzles group.
I down loaded the pictures while Lisa was changing over groups of dogs.
Coosa had to come in early as he was being a pain with his howling and the rest of the dogs kept joining in I thought being a Sunday the neighbours would not be very pleased.
Coosa has a sore ear as he had a falling out with Rainn over a bone.
A’Lupa has hole in her chest as Moon has no food manners; they both get fed separately and just get a few bones together after the main feeds are done.
Coosa gets his food mainly at night or late afternoon in the field.
After Lisa had gone I fed the doodles and the house dogs.
Then it was time to get the frozen feeds done for the next morning or they would still be frozen solid.
I got everyone out and washed down all of the yards.
All the feed bins moved up to the top kennel for the morning.
Kate came over with lobo so he could play out in the field with the house dogs as he is getting a little lonely being on his own.
Kate brought two big bags full of pheasants oh my Kate normally does them and gets them all plucked, well it would have taken her all day.
Kate cut the feet and heads off and I plucked them to a degree, not a professional job but it is the first time I had done it and it was disgusting I hated it but Idaho loves them and its free food so I am not complaining.
I put Rainn in for a while and let Coosa run with Matzi as he is not happy being split from Taska and from Matzi, hopefully Rainn will have been mated before Taska goes back in with Coosa and if all goes well Idaho should have been mated as well then the group can go back to normal for another year.
Kate helped me finish off the dogs outside and lock everyone up, we had a coffee and chat and sorted out the delivery of the Yorkie pup that take is taking to it new home next weekend.
Kate went off with lobo eventually as he did not really want to leave, I did the house dogs and pups before some phone calls and paper work.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I a cold dry start I had all the house dogs finished by 7 am when Kirsty arrived we got the little dogs done and the bitches and pups then up to the top kennel.
Coosa was last out as he has been particularly vocal the last few days.
After everyone was out and fed the house dogs went out in two groups.
We cleaned the pups again then I did the lunch time feeds while Kirsty disinfected the yards.
I had hoped to get an hour on the computer before Kirsty left but that all went pair shaped as Tease started whelping and I had to stay with her for a while.
Coosa came in for food and the lab group went out, this gave me chance to clean his ears again.
I have ordered the screed for delivery on Saturday morning very early for the first drop then two hours before the second load comes in.
As it was nice I brushed a few dogs and checked the fencing just in case anyone has been digging.
I had some time to sort out which delivery days for pups going out.
I had two straw deliveries one for the top groups and one for the bottom, bad timing as I had someone coming to look at puppies so I put the straw in an outside pen so if I didn’t get to put it away it would not be damp from the frost.
The puppy went I swapped over groups of dogs then started to put the straw away, I got to the last bale and scraped all of my knuckles on the wall, and thank god it was the last one.
Then I had a phone call from the lady’s mum who bought a yorkie on Sunday the pup was coming back as the lady should not have bought him she is suffering from depression.
I was feeling a bit peed off by this point.
I got everyone out for the last run and all back in by just after 6.30 then the house dogs went out for a while, they had all the gates open so they just came back down when they were really tired.
It was a nice peaceful night and all of the house dogs just slept, I went out to check on Tease and her puppies, when I came back in none of the dogs had moved.
I did the feeds ready for the morning and watched telly for a while before bed.
Tuesday morning was nice and warm so I let the labs out first then did the house dogs.
Kirsty arrived and we did the bitches and pups, up to the lab pen to clean that before they came in.
Then down to Razzles group, while they were out we cleaned out the next group of pups.
The top groups went out we did their pens then the two bottom groups went out after their pens were done we unloaded the meat delivery and got the feeds ready for the next morning and burnt all the boxes.
Kirsty checked on all of the waters while I cut the chicken for the little dogs.
I sorted out a couple of phone calls and wrote the blog for Monday.
I sorted out the list for dogs that need vaccinating and chipping for the weekend.
We did the lunch feeds and hosed the yards.
After Kirsty had left I did the afternoon feeds and got the frozen food ready.
I got all the dogs out and then the last groups in at 6 so the house dogs could go out while I did some paper work.
Wednesday morning Lisa was in as she had swapped with Kirsty everything was good all went well we got through the pens quite quickly and did the feeds ready for the next day.
Biscuit had her puppies so I was in and out all day checking on her, mum and pups are all ok.
Kirsty popped in to spend time with Taska’s pups and meet a new lady who I have been in contact with for quite some time, she has just come back from Finland and she came to have a look around to see how she would feel about joining us.
I did the last of the feeds and put everyone in while I finished off the yards.
Shone and I went off to training, as usual she was sick and made a horrible mess in the van, I cleaned her up and moved her into another cage while I sprayed all of her cage out.
It’s making it hard for her in the early part of the class as she still feels rough but in general she is very good and does everything you ask her.
I got home and spent time with Biscuit and her puppies that had just been born.
I had an hour with the house dogs before going on the computer for a while.
Thursday morning was Lisa and I we had a horrid wet start well it was wet on and off until 4 pm.
We moved the little dogs to the bottom block so we could clean their pens.
The top groups all went out for a while then came in for food.
I had a chat with Rach as she was at Crufts, she bought all of my wormer for the next year and a couple of other things I needed.
I had a phone call from the vet the BVA score had just arrived back for Moon which I was happy with he has a 3.2 brilliant score, so we will use him as a stud dog for our Czech girls.
The dogs in outside pens had to moved back into kennels again as they were just getting soaked.
We did the lunch feeds and then vaccinated some pups that were due to be leaving on Friday.
I did some paper work for an hour as the dogs were happy to stay in the kennels as it was so wet.
I then got the evening feeds ready and had time to spend with each group of dogs in their pens.
At 4 pm the rain had stopped so everyone went out again and the last dogs came in at 7 pm in the dark.
By the time I had washed all the bowls and done morning feeds I did paper work and the computer until 1 am, I went to bed with a headache.
Friday morning was Lisa Sam and I; we also had Kirsty pop in to help out for a while.
Kate came over and picked up two pups to be delivered to south Devon.
We had pups leaving people viewing other pups a massive meat delivery.
The dogs were really on form with howling, the neighbour was on the phone asking if I could keep them quiet.
Coosa had a mating today with my Saarloos female, we were over the moon I have been waiting three years for this mating, this is where I hope to get a couple of Coosa babies.
I was in the pen with Coosa while he was mating and Oh my god what a shock I had next I heard a commotion from the bottom yard and then I saw the house dogs running past me up to the field, thankfully there were no dogs out in the fields as I wanted everything to be quiet while Coosa was otherwise engaged.
I came out of the pen and went back to the house with the dogs, this was Narla had let all of the dogs out she had even opened the pen and let Shone and C out, we will have to keep all of the outside gates closed so when she lets them out again they can only get into the yard.
The last thing I need is the yorkie army running towards me when I am bringing in a wolf dog group.
I am planning on cutting down on the yorkies but that was not quite what I had in mind.
I then had a phone call from a lady that had booked one of my Yorkie adults that we are retiring to say she could not now have the bitch that she booked two months ago as she is depressed,.
I spoke to Kirsty to tell her about the coosa mating and told her if one more person should even think of saying the word depressed to me once more this week I may not be responsible for my actions.

Thankfully there are good parts about this job and none of them involve people, today I had to laugh when Bon the poodle was outside for a while to Roxy pups started to howl, they went mad when I put Bon back in, they are happy with their foster mum.
It was raining and horrible, the day was slow and everything just got later, we still had viewings at 6 pm I finally finished at 8 pm I had had quite enough by then.
I came in and mother had cooked dinner so I ate that and then did all of the insurances for the pups that had left.
I am looking forward to the Yorkie pups going tomorrow as I will only have one boy left and he can go into a cage with one of the females so I get my big pen back in the office for Biscuit and her pups.
For the last few days C and Shone have been together in the other big pen in the office, I will be happier when I can alternate C and Shone from the pen to the cage this will avoid any separation anxiety problems in the future for Shone.
Saturday morning was Kirsty Sam and I, when they arrived I had not finished all the house dogs so we finished them off and got the bottom groups out and pens cleaned.
All the bitches and pups were finished, Kirsty and I did the top groups while Sam disinfected the bottom yards after everyone had been out.
Sam did the washing and washing up; she sorted out towels and took everything up to the muck pit, before coming up to help us with water buckets drying pens and odd jobs.
Sam is a great asset to us in the morning as she saves us so much time running around.
We finished the top groups then came down and did the top groups at the bottom.
We microchipped the pups that are 8 weeks this weekend and did their worming.
We took pictures of the Taska puppies and microchipped them.
We then loaded the pups that were leaving to go to the station with my mum.
After the pups were gone we cleaned the pen and moved Biscuit and her pups into the office.
We did the lunchtime feeds and got the frozen food ready for the next day.
The concrete Lorries were here at 7.30 am to drop the first load for the screed for the new kennel floor, I can’t wait for that to dry and get the tiles laid at the end of May.
Kirsty and Sam left and I got the next group of dogs out in between the rain showers.
I had people arrive to pick up their puppy; they were very nice they kept in contact with me as they were very delayed due to an accident on the M5.
Mum got back from the station and we had a quite roll for lunch.
I got the rest of the dogs out and disinfected all of the day pens, I needed to get the outside dogs finished by 5.30 as I wanted to clear some of the paperwork while I had mum here.
I came in and let the house dogs go up the field while I wrote the blog and downloaded pictures.

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