10th June

Wolf dog female puppy still available from Steel and Reo, she is a silver grey fully vaccinated pup.
We have named her Sira, she is outgoing, friendly, gets on well with all of the house dogs.
Kirsty has been taking her home in the day time to play with her dogs and get her used to walking on the lead in the town and advance her socialising until we can find her a home.
As over the past weeks I have said we are cutting down on the low content wolf dog breeding I have decided to let a number of dogs go out for rehoming.
Bobby, Starr, Siren and Eba as a pair of pure bred Saarloos, if it is possible to keep them together.
Also Rainn, Cito , Steel and D,Quilla.
We are also looking at rehoming some of my dogs that live with Shaun, this will be a 2 year old female csv cross, a pure bred Saarloos male 3 years old and two hybrid pups a year old, both of the hybrids are quite reserved so they will require a special home preferably to live outside with someone who has time and patience, I cannot see either of them wanting to go out for a walk in the local park so new owners would need to have a good deal of space.
Quannahy will also be looking for a home.
Anyone interested please ring me for details.
This has been a strange week one minute we are boiling then the next we are getting soaked to the skin.
Sunday was a long day Annabel was in for the morning then Kate for the afternoon when I went out.
Thankfully she has everyone finished including Coosa by the time I returned, this was a relief as I had a blinding headache.
Monday was Kate and I, everything was finished early as we had nearly three hours of ear cleaning to do with the little dogs and some of the wolf dogs needed to be done.
This last couple of weeks we have been having problems with mites in the grass in the field, some of the dogs are very itchy, this I think is due to foxes visiting in the night.
Poor Koko has a nasty patch were the hair has come off her back and she has got very sore.
We have been putting some liquid on her to dry it up and some powder in the coat to kill the mite; at the moment she has been taken off of straw so as not to irritate her even more.
I finished everyone just before 6 pm and then went out to dinner with most of my family as it was the last night my cousin was here before returning back to London.
We had a great night and thankfully no headache on the way home.
I checked everyone and let the house dogs out before bed.
We are now taking deposits for our next planned hybrid litter from Roxy, who is a csv hybrid.
She would be expected to be in season at around November- December time.
Tuesday was really horrible the rain started early and continued until 4 pm so everyone got out in the morning and then stayed in their kennels eating hide chews then they all went out again after 4 pm so I ended up with a very late finish.
I had people come to pick up a puppy at 8p m so by the time I had dinner it was not far off time to go to bed.
Wednesday morning was fairly dry so after everyone had been cleaned out and had their first run I came in to sort out bills and paper work while kate started to clean the kennel panels with a degreaser, this is an on-going job that we get to as often as we have time.
It is good for the dogs to know someone is still outside and around and this helps to keep them quieter in the day.
C is the only one going to training as Peaches is in season so she will not be going for a couple of weeks.
I left early as I had to microchip a litter of Hungarian wire haired vizla puppies before training, the litter belongs to one of our trainers at club.
They were a really nice litter of pups I was really impressed with all of them.
Training went well before the class I took C and my sisters German shepherd for a quick walk then into class.
I was very pleased with C she is getting more responsive each week, I think she even enjoyed herself, she chased around the room with a squeaking Kong ball and actually looked very pleased with herself.
I got home in time to get all of the house dogs out for a run before it rained again.
Thursday was good all the cleaning went well in the morning, but the afternoon was terrible it was like a really bad winter’s afternoon, the wind was so strong it was a struggle to walk up the steps.
Everywhere is covered in leaves and branches.
Friday was windy and cold but mostly dry so after we had finished the morning cleaning and letting everyone out we started to degrease some of the panels.
Sophie and I were panel cleaning and Kate popped in to brush Lobo.
It was handy as Kate let dogs out and made the coffee which saved us keep coming out of the pens.
I spent a couple of hours finishing off the pen when they had both gone.
After I had finished I noticed some really nasty burns on my wrists and legs were the caustic soda had got under my gloves and splashed all down the front of my jeans.
I got changed and did a quick Google search on what I could put on the burns as my skin had turned brown and some of it had disintegrated.
The only thing I could use was cold water well that did not give much of a relief.
I also managed to get loads of splashes on my face, which stings but nothing to serious.
Wendy and Brain turned up in the afternoon to cut out some concrete and reset a drain ready for concreting the yard on Saturday.
Everything was so busy all the dogs ended up getting fed two hours late so they were not too pleased.
Coosa’s and Matzi groups stayed out in the field until just before dark then came into day pens so that when the drain was set in place they could be moved into their night kennels.
Thankfully the rain held off until we had done most of the breaking up of the concrete.
We finally finished laying the concrete at 8 pm then had dinner.
Coosa and Matzi’s groups stayed up in the top block and Kiro came down to our spare pen in the bottom block.
All things considered the dogs were very good about changing kennels and they all stayed quiet for the night.
I had an email late on Saturday night, Annabel has problems and won’t be coming back so this really messed up Sunday morning, Kate and I were really rushed as we had people coming and pen three needed to be degreased which was on Annabel’s list for the morning.

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