10th July

Saturday evening I fell to sleep early and woke up to rain hammering on the window and Voodoo swinging one of my trainers around my head.
A great start nice and dry, everyone out, cleaned and finished and then the top groups done and pens cleaned.
The first lot of washing in the machine.
I thought I had time for breakfast before the first customers arrived to pick up puppies but no croissants – were cold by the time I managed to eat them.
The morning was taken up with visitors.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
Beverley rang to tell me Tease had settled in very well and was great with her dog but she was not eating very well so she is off to buy a chicken as Tease prefers chicken carcasses.
I now had an hour before people were coming to view wolfdogs so time for a quick sandwich.
I swapped over dogs to keep the noise to a minimum while people where here.
The two lads arrived and we saw Narla and Siren and then spent some time up with Coosas’s pack, before going down to see Shone’s group.
After a couple of hours it was decided that the Czech was going to be their first dog and then maybe after a year then a hybrid.
We have several people interested in the Enya and Cullen litter planned for the end of the year.
No more visitors for the day so gates locked and dogs moved around.
I got the evening feeds ready and then fed the puppies while the bitches were out.
I brought Shone’s group up at 9 pm and then sat down for a while and played with Voodoo.
A damp start but not too bad, everyone done in the kennels and then unlocked the gates ready for the painter coming in.
Next was to let the top groups out and fed them.
After they were all out I cleaned the pens and then did the fire.
I had to pop into the butchers and to the shop.
I got home and saw the builders, Nathan and Tommy were also there doing second fix upstairs.
I had a couple more customers picking up puppies today and then after they had left I locked up the gates so the dogs could go out on the drive for a while before their chicken carcasses were cut up.
Everyone fed and then the puppies cleaned out again.
I swept the kennel and then washed everyone’s bowls.
I needed to spend time out with Dolly and Chili to see if I could get a mating but nothing yet.
The week is getting very busy I have electrics being done and two painters in as well as the builders.
As always still running around getting materials.
Puppies have been leaving which takes up time.
We are already taking deposits on our winter Czech litter so people are viewing adults and a lot of phone calls.
I have had to move bitches out from their puppies as they are due to be spayed this week.
Vicci came up for the day with Buck, he was great with Voodoo which was really nice as he doesn’t have to be kept separated from my dogs.
Vicci and I moved loads of dogs from their kennels and cleaned all the kennels and moved each group up a place.
Lizzy came over in the afternoon for lunch, we had some time early evening to spend with Shone’s group and then with Coosa’s group, he goes mad when Lizzy is here he jumps all over her, this time he was so over excited that he ripped the back of Lizzy’s shirt, she found it quite funny.
After Vicci and Lizzy left I started the evening feeding.
I moved the labradoodles into a kennel with paper and vet beds as they were going to the vets today.
Dolly was mated with Chili.
I fed Shone’s group and then put them on the drive so I could clean their day pen.
A really busy morning all the dogs done and Hannah arrived she was grooming and looking after the dogs while I was at the vets.
I loaded up the dogs the 3 girls and Oli the yorkie into the van and then off to get them all done.
Everyone was very good no problems except for a little more bleeding than expected with Tango so we had to keep a close eye on her for the rest of the day as her gums were very pale.
I got home and got the chicken cut and fed everyone.
I have made more time to spend Czechs today to see if it is the breed they are looking for as their family pet later this year, Cito insisted on licking the little boys face but he didn’t mind.
After they left I cleaned ears on a couple of dogs.

Peaches and a poodle puppy needed to be bathed and clipped today so that was this afternoon’s job.
I went out in the drive and pulled up some weeds while the dogs were out with me.
Evening feeds done and morning feeds ready.
Shone’s group fed and up to the kennel for the night.

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