10th January

Saturday was a long night with Shiraz my poodle girl having puppies and it rained right through the night, we have three red healthy poodle pups.
A terrible start to the day I let everyone out just after 6 am in the rain, all fed and cleaned out.
Coosa’s group went up to the top kennel area in the dry with food.
The rain persisted until 11 am so I cut up the chicken and spent time on the internet with adverts and emails.
When it finally dried up I went out and picked up in the drive and then let everyone out for a run.
Everyone fed and then it dried up for most of the afternoon.
I had lots of time to spend with Shiraz and the puppies, also with Jez and her pups.
I spent a couple of hours on the net researching materials for my new dog room when the house is finished my plan now is to get the dogs room done first before anything else, I plan to get Brian and Wendy to help me clear it out ready when they visit on the 19 th of January.
Everyone in and fed and the morning feeds done and then I went over to my sisters for a while or dinner and to see my cousin and boys as they are here for a short stay from Australia.
We had a really nice evening and then I came home and let Cito and Shone out and checked on Shiraz and the puppies they were all doing well.
Still raining everyone got wet when they went out for a quick toilet stop, nearly all the dogs got fed in their kennels.
It was dark and wet and I am trying to pick up in the drive before the builders arrived.
After the builders were in I locked up the gates and gave everyone a good run and then off to the vets for an op on one of the little dogs, I dropped off the dog and then home to let everyone out again and do the lunch time feeds.
I went back mid-afternoon to pick up my boy and then let everyone out and fed them.
All in and locked up for the night.
My next job was off to the station to pick up my niece as she had to go to London for an interview for a stolen passport, after picking her up I went to my sisters for a late dinner.
All the dogs done and a really busy morning as I had 4 people here; picking up puppies.
After they had left I got the lunch time feeds ready for Kate and then went off to see Sophie and Laura.
We had a nice afternoon and then home for a puppy leaving at 6 pm.
We wormed and vaccinated a couple of pups and then Kate left.
I fed Shone and Cito and then sorted out paper work.
A hectic day doing the dogs and then a meeting with the builders, and then another meeting with building control.
All day was constant phone calls and sorting out materials for the house.
I was so pleased when 5 o’clock came we went out for dinner.
Everyone out and done early as I had a list of things to sort out for the builders, and needed to look into flooring.
All the dogs stayed out for most of the day.
Lunch time feeds done and then the afternoon they were all out I went to the dentist and then brought the groups in and swapped around the next three groups out.
I did the evening feeds and then the morning feeds done ready.
Everyone done so I hosed the yard and picked up in the drive.
Washing all done, I left dogs out and then popped into town and picked up meat.
I got home and sorted out some bits for the builders.
I spent the rest of the day with each group of dogs as it was nice and the sun was shining so I wanted to make the most of it.
Razzle mated lupi, I am looking forward to these pups as this is the first time these two have been put together.
I took Shiraz, Elsa, Olli, Jez and Noir out on the drive for a while and did some lead work and training with Noir, he is doing really well.
I got the evening feeds ready and then brought Cito and Shone in.
Coosa’s group went out in field two so it makes it easier to get them in later I don’t have to walk up the field in the dark, so they had an extra hour out and then came in and had food.
All the rest of the dogs had their last run on the drive before bed time.
I woke up not hearing rain I was pleasantly surprised as the forecast was terrible for today.
I got everyone out for a good run and all cleaned out.
Coosa’s group all fed.
I had mountains of paper work to sort out so I got as much done as possible before boredom set in.
I cut up the chicken ready for lunch time as I was expecting the rain to come by then.
Everyone had to come in at 1 o clock as the rain was heavy now and most got fed in the kennels.
I brought Noir into the office with me for a while.
Everyone got out for a run in the afternoon and then the rain came again with a vengeance so I brought Cito and shone in and then brought Coosa’s group down for food.

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