10th February

Last Sunday was Lisa and I we had a busy day, we got the bottom groups and bitches and pups done and then Wendy and Brian came down and helped with the top block.
Wendy and Lisa did Roxy and I did Idaho.
We made a secure pen in the office for with a top on it so I have a safe pen for Narla my little Houdini when I go out.
All the house dogs were out for quite a while when we did the pen, so I changed all the vets beds and water.
Lisa did the lunch time feeding and carried on letting dogs in and out and then she did the muck buckets and the odd jobs.
I got all the chicken cut up ready for feeding the little dogs.
Brian did some odd jobs before leaving.
I had a bit of time to spend with Taska and the pups they are really cute little bundles and quite lively already, I have my eye on a little bitch pup.
I went out in the field to play with Coosa and Matzi I came in totally covered in mud and slobber, which was nice as I had people arriving to look at puppies.
After they had gone I hosed everywhere with my head torch on by the time I had finished I was really cold.
I got in at just after 6 and Tessa came round so we had a bottle of wine and chilled out with the house dogs.
After Tessa had gone I went on the internet and bought another whelping box and several boxes of fish4dog treats.
Then onto eBay and bought loads of Hide chews.
I let all the dogs out and finally did the morning feeds then off to bed at midnight.
Monday morning I had done most of the house dogs when Kirsty arrived and then we did the bitches and pups and bottom groups.
In-between god knows how many phone calls we did Idaho and the top groups and fed the few pens that get am meat and pm biscuit.
I went out in the field with C and Narla, this gave me a chance to walk around and check all of the fencing and make sure no one is digging anywhere, the two girls had a great time they were running around playing, C did not stand a chance of catching Narla or turning anything like as quickly as she can.
They are good to watch C has now realised that Narla will not be bullied she can stand her ground; this has been a really good learning curve for C.
Kiro went out with the three pups and she does a great job of keeping them all in line, she plays with them and they are quiet and come in totally shattered, they have their feed and go into the kennel and sleep for a good hour.
Everyone seemed more lively today I felt this was due to it being so windy, but thankfully dry.
I did the house dogs vet beds and water while kirsty did bottom pen 3 and 4.
I went to the butchers as we had run out of chicken carcasses, so I went and bought screws and other bits and pieces.
I had to pick up a spare heat lamp just as a precaution if the weather turns really cold again.
I went to the supplier and got more cement for the builders.
I got home and kirsty went straight off to do her dogs, I unloaded the van and then cut the chicken.
I phoned the vet two book two hip X rays for Friday, this has worked well as Kirsty has left her job at the pub she is now available to help with more training and vet trips, so she will take the dogs on Friday.
I can stay and help Lisa and then things won’t be such as rush to finish in the evening.
I went out for a while with the four girls they were all very excitable today Tory was quite talkative and kept play bowing and doing small howls.
I fed the afternoon groups and went out for a while with Moon; he is progressing nicely, most of the time we don’t really notice he is here.
When I feed the top group Coosa and Matzi half of their food in their outside pen while the lab group are out in the field then they go back out and get the rest of their food in the inside kennel when they come in at night.
I came down and did the house dogs and the bottom groups; I fed kia and washed down the yards.
Half hour later I could not find kia I checked everywhere and then the garage the bedroom, by this time I was getting worried, I checked she had not gone out with the four bitches, finally I found her asleep under the bench in Coosa’s night kennel, I think she was having one of her senile days today.
I locked everyone up and came in for dinner, a little while later I fed the bitches and pups and spent some time handling them all.
I spent the evening brushing yorkies and poodles.
I try to write the blog every night or at least every two days or I will forget what has happened in the day.
I was just finishing off the day’s blog when the banging and crashing started outside the wind and the hail stones were so loud all the dogs jumped up and started barking.
Tuesday morning was a good start but we had to be carefully how many dogs were out at a time as the hail stones were coming down very fast without much warning.
After we had done the top groups we did the house dogs and Kirsty did pen 4 while I was sorting out the meat delivery.
I heard an enormous bang and Kirsty shouted O my god, I knew instantly what the noise was, I ran out of the garage and two lorries had crashed right outside the front door just the same as the previous accident here four years ago.
I could hardly see as the snow was coming down so fast, both drivers were ok, I directed the traffic for a while so one of the Lorries could be moved and the drivers exchange details, they were both local companies.
After about half an hour I came in thoroughly soaked and finished off the meat.
We then changed all of the vet beds and finished off the bitches and pups.
I hosed the yards down and started the lunchtime feeds.
I got all of the chicken ready for the little dogs and sorted out a couple of phone calls chasing up orders and arranging dates for pups to leave.
I fed everyone and washed the outside pens, I came in at 5.30 slightly earlier than normal as it was getting very wet and Coosa wanted to come in.
Wednesday morning I was up early to get the house dogs finished before Kirsty arrived so we could get straight on outside, great plan but the house dog’s pens were the dirtiest I had seen them in a long time.
We did the normal routine of little dogs bitches and pups then up to the top.
We needed to get finished as early as possible so Kirsty could go home early do her dogs then come back in the afternoon as I had mum here and we had a meeting with the builder doing the plaster boarding and the drainage for the new kennel.
Then we went straight into another meeting with the kennel company that we are thinking of using for the internal kennels and wall linings for the wolfdog kennels.
During the meeting they stopped for a quick coffee break so I ran around and fed dogs and gave kirsty all of the chicken that was cut ready for the little dogs.
We swapped over dogs I went back to the meeting and Kirsty carried on for a while.
When Kirsty left I was still sorting things out with the kennel man.
At this point I realised that I was not going to get finished in time to go training with Shone which was disappointing but impossible to achieve.
When he left at 6.15 I still had dogs to let out feeds on a couple litters of pups, all of the heat lamps needed to go on paper checked in the bitches’ kennels and lock everyone up.
Then morning dry feeds and frozen stuff to be sorted.
I let the house dogs out and came back in just after 8 pm.
A long day and I was shattered so I sat with the dogs for a while before answering emails.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I busy but everything went well all out and vet beds changed floors in the house cleaned deliveries unpacked, just the usual busy daily life.
I had people come to spend time with their puppy as they have been before I was able to leave them with the litter and carry on with my cleaning.
I then got an email saying some horrid woman on Facebook was making unpleasant accusations about me being a puppy farmer this infuriated me briefly, I did make a comment but the stupid ignorant woman had blocked me, I wish these people would come down here and meet the dogs and just see how much work goes into the kennels and the dogs in one single day, most people that help out here are astonished at what we do every day rain snow or sun on its rare days.
When I had got everyone done I popped off to cash and carry to stock up on washing powder and blue roll, 10 kilos of chicken breast for the little dogs and for training and a few other bits for the dogs.
While I was out I had a phone call from a journalist about wolf dogs and wolf hybrids, I thought the conversation was quite clear and he understood the nature of the hybrid and did not put them into the same category as the wolf look alikes or sled dog crosses.
I got home and unloaded the essentials but left the rest in the van as it would not hurt for a while.
I let the dogs out into spare pens as the rain was very heavy.
I did the morning feeds and cut all of the chicken up and cooked it ready to freeze, I had a couple of long phone calls and went to bed at 1 am.
Friday morning should have been Lisa and I with Kirsty coming in at 10 o clock to take Narla and Moon to the vets for their bva hip scores.
Lisa phoned in at 7 to say she was ill.
I did the house dog, bitches and pups and got the first two groups out in the field and Tessa came in and gave me a hand, which was great as I had so much to do and the deliveries were booked in for dog stuff and builders stuff.
I had people booked in for early afternoon to see pups; all the feed bins needed doing as the big meat delivery is Friday’s.
Hannah was in the house grooming, I probably did not have more than ten words with her all day as we were rushing constantly.
Kirsty came in slightly earlier when she realised that Lisa was not in, so did let a few dogs out and changed vet beds before loading up the dogs and off to the vet.
Tessa and I did the house dogs water then did all of the feed bins and split the carcasses ready for lunch.
We did a few odd jobs, Tessa went off for a while to walk her dog while I started to hose the yards again ready for the bottom groups and house dogs to come out for their afternoon feeds.
I cleaned the whelping area and did another load of washing; I think we had about 7 washes to get done in the day.
I got Razzle and Budds groups back out straight after they had eaten and Coosa and top block got fed.
Kirsty came back for the vets, I was just carrying Narla out from the back of Kirstys car when visitors arrived, I put Narla on the sofa and left her there, Hannah kept an eye on her while she was grooming.
Kirsty let dogs out and took phone messages while I was with the visitors.
I got all of the meat sorted and packed away while Tessa washed up and bagged all the cooked chicken ready to freeze.

In the course of the day I had several phone conversations with a lady from the sun newspaper, the conversation was a carry on from their colleague the night before, things seemed to have changed a little and I was starting to get the impression that the article was going to be portraying the wolf dogs and hybrids in a bad light completely un just to what we are doing.
People are still very much in the little red riding hood era when the word wolf is concerned, the complete lack of understanding to the nature of the animal saddens me that something people don’t understand frightens them so it must be dangerous.
The love and loyalty from one of these animals and the bond is stronger than the relations between people.
At this stage I was not sure where all this was heading when I spoke to the lady at the BBC they couldn’t decide if the story was going to be about the wolf content of these hybrids or people giving the impression they were selling hybrids.
Or if they were like any other dog that likes companionship of either dog or more preferred human company.
After about 7 phone calls it was 8 pm before they stopped ringing.
I had some phone calls to sort out an then I sat down a 9 pm so I could watch Silent Witness as this was the episode where we got to see what clip they used of A’Lupa at the grave site in Afghanistan.
I did a few jobs around the house and answered emails then wrote the blog before going to bed.
Saturday morning should have been Lisa and I but she was ill so Kirsty came in for three hours.
We were so busy we did everyone before the rain started.
After Kirsty had left I had visitors picking up the Dubai pups and a mating with Ollie the yorkie.
Lisa then came in and carried on with the outside dogs while I had a couple more visitors and phone calls to sort out.
The builders were here putting in the drains for the new kennel and just finishing off the last wall that needed rendering.
We noticed today that one of the new double glazed windows is broken so they are coming out to re glaze that next week.
We are now waiting for the prices for doing the screed on the floor.
Lisa stayed for the afternoon which gave me chance to get the feeding done before more visitors came to view yorkie pups.
After I had nearly finished Kirsty popped in with Sam she is a lady that will be helping out with odd jobs at weekends, we had a coffee and showed Sam around.
I finished cleaning the last outside pen before coming in as I was starving not having eaten all day.

Hybrid from October 2012 litter

Hybrid from October 2012 litter

Taska and her new litter

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