10th August

Sunday morning we had finished the dogs early, the house hybrid group had been out and Coosa’s group had been out, so after human breakfast I took the yorkie pack out in the main field while Coosa’s group were shut in the top kennel area, they were running around like mad, I walked around the field and did a fence check when we got back to the gate everyone stopped for a drink and Cinders the little yorkie could not reach the bucket from the floor so she jumped up and straight into the bucket and had a little bath she ducked her head under and was very pleased with herself.
Dave was brush cutting nettles in the Coosa field while they were shut in.
When I put the yorkies away I let the poodle group out on the drive and Razzle’s group out in the paddock.
While they were out it gave me chance to check my emails and do insurance for a puppy leaving.
I did the lunch time feeds.
The dogs all had an hour in and then everyone went out for the afternoon.
We spent the rest of the day pulling nettles and strimming wherever possible.
Kate came round with a very nice lemon cake she had made for me and a card.
Evening feeds done and the hybrid groups stayed out until late.
We went up to Taunton and checked over mum’s house and then met Nathan for an Indian we had a really nice evening and then back home to get the hybrids in.

Monday morning I woke up early and got all the house dogs and pens near the house done.
Kiro was put back in after being out overnight and we were up at the kennel block by 7.15.
Puppies fed and everyone out and cleaned out.
Bottom yard disinfected, the phone was fairly constant as it was my birthday.
Hybrids went out and the house pack out while the fire was done and their yards cleaned.
We stopped for breakfast and then cleaned the bottom house yard where the fat bitches are to try and give them more exercise.
All the lunch time feeds were done and then the dogs were locked up for a while as we went to town and then met up with most of my family for lunch, it was really good to get together with everyone.
We came home and found more presents and cards at the gate when we arrived back.
We let the dogs out and then put some wire on the dividing gate and changed some gates around and dropped the wire on one of the big gates to stop the yorkies getting underneath.
I cleaned the paddock while Dave hoovered some more dust from the new kennel area.
We did a few odd jobs and then Helen popped in to pick up one of her dogs.
We did the evening feeds and defrosted one of the freezers ready for the meat deliveries arriving on Tuesday morning.
We had dinner while the hybrid packs were out in the field.
A quick trip to Argos to get some blackout blinds and a new paper shredder.
Tuesday morning was a wet start and then it dried up so all the dogs got out before the weather really went on the turn and it was like a monsoon for the next couple of hours, so I rushed up to get the hybrids back in.
The meat deliveries arrived; I unpacked it all and sorted out the feeds for the day.
Dave put them all in the fridges in the house and the kennel.
All the dogs went out again and I did the lunchtime feeds and then the rain came again so everyone back in.
We stopped for coffee as I had no intention of getting drowned.
We went back to the kennel and Dave put up the blackout blinds as I was finding it difficult to see the computer screen when the sun comes into the office.
What a tedious job I got bored and started shredding paper for the little dogs bedding.
We spent the afternoon weeding up around the top kennel area and gate ways.
Evening feeds done and the dogs all came out in their areas while we had dinner.
Wednesday morning everyone out early fed cleaned and back in by 9.30, we went for breakfast and then had a puppy visitor.
Next a friend of mine came over to have a look around and bring his Labrador stud over for me to have a look at; he is a stunning looking boy with a really nice head.
His name is Zak, he is deep red working dog with very gentle nature, I am planning to keep a boy from this litter if I can get a dog as nice as the sire, the dam will be my girl Breeze, and this is her last litter before she goes off to her new home in Bath.
After Alan left I did the lunchtime feeds and Dave put some alkathene pipe under the gate going down the drive to stop Olli the yorkie from going underneath.
Our next job was to pop into town and meet Kirsty as she needed a cage for a while, we did a couple of jobs while we were there and then came home and let the hybrids out in the field while we had lunch.
Dave picked some blackberries for me and I made a crumble.
We disinfected the bottom block and hosed that while the dogs were out.
We spent some time playing with the little dogs and then cleaned the house yard and the pen at the new kennel.
I did some paper work and emails while Dave cleaned all the windows around the new kennel and took off all the labels and protective plastic.
Now I can see much better all the rooms look brighter.
After we had some serious rain on Tuesday night we cleaned out the gutters on the bottom kennel block and the back of the house, it was a major project as it is so high, Dave cleaned them out and I rescued the moss from going down into the treatment plant.
I disinfected all the the Coosa hybrid day area and hosed it while they were out in the field before they came into bed at 9 pm.
I did the evening feeds and then we had dinner.
Thursday morning was an early start as we had a lot to get done before Dave returns home on Friday.
All the house dogs and bitches in season were fed and out by 6.30.
Kiro and Reo were locked back in for a couple of hours.
We fed the puppies and let everyone out, the fire was done.
Dave put some plastic on the edges of the new gate at the top as a temporary measure until we can do a more permanent job later.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs, while she was here we popped out to mole valley to buy some tree guards to stop the rabbits eating the new plants and to make it easier to see where the trees are when strimming.
I had to get a nice cake while we were out as I have friends coming in for coffee on Friday.
We blocked underneath the shipping container to stop the yorkies from escaping, and now Ollie has taken to climbing up the wire in the paddock and getting out higher up the fence but he can’t get out of the drive now.
Dave put all the tree guards on the first line of plants and now I have ordered some more on the internet to do the trees in the field.
Dave hoovered and cleaned the office area of the new kennels while I wrote the blog up to date.
We stopped for lunch and had a coffee with Hannah and then spent the afternoon tiding up and putting the vet beds up in the kennel and getting all the towels and dog washing put away.
I had a puppy owner pop around for a chat for a while; they were looking for a little help with their new puppy.
We had a feed delivery arrive so we unloaded it and packed it into the container.
We moved some of the house plants up to the office and the dog’s wet room to brighten things up a little.
I placed another order for 200 cow’s ears for the little dogs as they really like them and don’t choke on them like the normal Hide chews, also they are low fat.
We did some odd jobs and then the evening feeds, I cleaned the yards and then the hybrids came in for the night.
Friday morning everyone was out and cleaned, the meat delivery arrived so I got the day feeds ready and froze the rest of the order.
The hybrids were all out in the field while we cleaned their outside pen.
I did the fire and then friends came for a visit for coffee and cake they stayed for a while and then I did the lunchtime feeds.
I had a dog booked in for training, that went well and then after he left I had a couple view hybrids, as they left another couple came to view cockapoo adults with a view to buy a puppy next year.
Dave went back home after his working holiday.
I need to try and keep on top of the strimming to give the plants a chance to grow; they have taken off quite well this week with more light, sun and rain.
I did the evening feeds and then put the Coosa group away as I was off out to a family BBQ.
Saturday morning was a bit of a damp start but everyone got out without getting too wet.
I fed them there chicken carcasses instead of biscuit as I was expecting a lot of rain in the afternoon and it was easier to feed biscuit in the kennels later if the weather was bad.
All were back in and fed before the heavens opened.

The house hybrid pack and Coosa pack then went out when it had dried up a bit.
I went in for breakfast and waited for one of my puppies to arrive, she is only here temporarily as she is off to a friend as a brood bitch.
Nathan phoned to say he was having a terrible journey to pick up my new puppy.
I cleaned the house dog’s yard and then they came back in for food as the rain was coming down again.
I did my emails and the last day’s blog and sorted out stock orders, I was hoping to weed the top garden by the Coosa pack but I did not fancy getting drowned so I did a quick clean up in the paddock.
Lunch time feeds done for puppies and then all the little dogs came out in the pen, drive and paddock this got everyone a good run before afternoon feeding.
A quick drive clean up and then I stopped for lunch before viewers came to see the dogs with a view of having one next year.
All the dogs went back out for an hour.
Visitors came to view a puppy and then I popped up to Nathans to pick up the puppy, I stopped for coffee and then back to settle the puppy in.
I got home and put the pup in and then fed everyone and let them out quickly for a wee.
Coosa’s group came in for food and then I spent some time with my lab as she was starting to whelp, all has been going well with the new born puppies, I am so pleased these pups are amazing.
I am planning on keeping two girls from this litter.

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