10th April

This week’s blog a little early due to a very hectic week and a busy weekend planned for meetings and training with Wolf.

Paul’s dogs are on route to Scotland as you read this.
I will give you an update on them both next week.

Zeajai is doing well in her new home.

Cedar’s new puppy owners have visited this weekend, which is a great bonding time for new owners and puppies alike.

Boots and Cito have found the change in the weather this week a little wearing I did feel for them but I must confess it’s been fab to have some sunshine, nearly shorts weather and scratched leg time.

A’Lupa is looking more beautiful by the day, only three more months before she can come into the country.

I went out dog toy shopping yesterday, it was a bit like being in a sweet factory, I had a whale of time with bag loads and a very nice bill but all worth it to see how much fun they have with something new.
Oh my when I got home the housedogs raided the bags and delabeled most of the toys before they had a chance of being distributed around the puppies and some of the adults.
When they all went to bed I took about 22 of the toys back for the others.
My sitting room looks like a toy room, everyone is content except my labradoodle Biscuit that is happily shredding an empty Royal canin bag and making a real mess.

Taska has now gone back to join the Coosa pack, they are kenneled in two groups but in the day they run together and they are penned in an outside run.
Hopefully this will work without to much friction with the Saarloos girls.
I have a contingency plan if there is a problem with the group but fingers crossed as it will increase work and exercise times will have to run later into the evening.

A friend of mine James has just opened a training centre in Lincolnshire, he has been to visit today with the view of taking El Cid on permanent loan to live with his Shepherd female and a wolfdog he had from me last year.
All being well Cid will go next week, he will be back for his last mating in the winter, which will be to Taska.
The plan is to keep a hybrid female from this litter.
Out of all the wolf dogs I have ever seen El cid has the best coat.
I couldn’t find a dog as nice as Cid for an all rounder in conformation looks and temperament.

James will give me regular updates on how he settles in.
It will be sad to see him leave but at the same time it’s really nice to find a home as good as James can offer for him.

Cedar is due for re homing in the next month, as she has now been away from her sister Boots I may consider letting her go on her own.
She is a 5 year old Saarloos x Inuit.
She is house trained cage trained good on the lead good recall friendly with other dogs, not too keen on travelling, a little wary of strangers.
If you think you may be able to offer a home for her as a pet / companion please email me.

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