10th April

An early start everyone out cleaned and fed from the kennel and then up to the top to do Narla and the labs.
Vet beds changed, hoovering done and then I rang Dave to go through the accounts before putting them in next week.
Dogs all swapped over then the rubbish burnt.
Matzi, Cito and Shone all brushed.
Chicken cut up and everyone fed.
I went out for lunch with Kirsty, Jess and their family it was a really nice couple of hours.
Back home and all the dogs out, I wormed puppies and then got the evening feeds ready and cleaned out Kiro and Reo as they have decided to be disgusting in their kennel, which makes no sense as they have a yard which they have access to 24 /7 .
I brought everyone in just before the heavens opened and fed them all.
My next job was to get the bitches out and feed the puppies in between heavy showers.
After everyone was finished I went over to my sisters for dinner with friends and sorted out my friend’s dog as she had her dew claw hanging off.
We had a really nice evening and then I came home and let the bitches out and then Cito and Shone.
Everyone out and finished in the kennel and then the two groups at the top unfortunately they drew the short straw as they both got soaked.
I cleaned their kennels and then the rain eased off so they stayed out and dried off before coming back in.
We had a big material delivery so I quickly opened the gates and let him in.
Coosa’s group had a brush before feeding as they are now all blowing their coats.
I had a few things in the kennel to finish and then did the paper work for the puppies leaving next week.
The plasterer came down to see where we were and at what stage, so we have now booked a date with him.
I wormed all of the pups and some of the bitches and then got the lunch time chicken cut up and fed everyone except the yorkie group as the rain came down really hard so they had to wait until it dried up.
While it was wet I caught up on several calls and emails.
100 kilo’s of chicken in so I sorted that out and froze it.
The yorkies were fed and then everyone back out again.
All the dogs were out for the afternoon and then Kevin a friend of mine came down to look at the rendering and see when he can start.
All the dogs came in except Coosa’s group who I left out in the field.
I went to see Nath, Sophie and Laura and had dinner and then home in reasonable time as I still had quite a lot to do when I got home.
The remaining part of the week has been full on with puppies and grooming the wolf dogs as all are now blowing coats everywhere..
I have had up to 5 or 6 builders here most of the week so the house project is really coming on things being booked in now up to the end of June.
Any spare time I have has been spent with the dogs and not enough time for the blog this week.
My cleaner was off ill so this increased my work load.
Hannah came in on Thursday to groom, Kirsty arrived to pick up Jake who was helping us out and I got her to hold the puppies for me while I microchipped them.
Friday was taken up with poo picking and bone picking up in the fields and the normal feeding routine.
The builders were getting on with doing the roof on the extension.
Saturday was full on with Brian and Wendy here Brian finished the roof and Wendy and I did the dogs and sorted out another kennel area as a back up kennel.
Wendy held Els while I took her stiches out from the c section she had 12 days ago.
They left late and I finally finished at 9 pm hence why the blog is getting shorter with puppies needing my time and then arranging things for the builders.

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